White Supremacists vs. Black Self-sufficiency: Revisiting Brown vs. Board of Education (James from EngVid)

James from EngVid recorded a great lesson on alternatives to saying “I know” and why they’re useful.

More than that, James is a great teacher—and he is black. Whenever I deal with a good or great black teacher, I am reminded of the condescending, racist U.S. Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education, where a bunch of white supremacists held that “separate but equal is inherently unequal—against blacks.”

The Court’s “reasoning” in Brown v. Board was that blacks cannot manage themselves (they become “retarded”—the Court’s actual term—without white intervention), and so blacks deserve the charity of being around whites. Spoiler alert: white supremacists (especially the black ones) believe and say stunningly stupid things.

At base, Brown v. Board was about forced integration. The case was sold as only an impediment to the comfort and rights of “hate-filled white people.” And the white supremacists who sold the foolish, filthy Brown v. Board decision—they took for granted that forced integration is a benefit for blacks. Obviously, this kind of short-sighted, small-minded racism descends neatly from slavery—the ultimate forced integration.

USA’s white supremacist myths continue. As USA deals with the legacy of various broken systems (slavery significant yet least among them), many racist, cowardly fantasies continue—especially the following two:

(1) there are not enough black leaders—so all blacks must huddle quietly around whichever pompous oreo fraud they are fed by condescending white supremacists in government;

(2) there are not enough good black teachers (or even parents), so black people’s role is to beg politely and endlessly for charity from white-daddy government.

Meanwhile, in the real world, there are plenty black leaders—they just get consistently caged or murdered by white supremacists (especially black ones). And there are plenty good black parents (and teachers generally)—they are just at the front lines of various Satanic U.S. experiments in war and chaos that destroys families—black first, as the canaries in the social coal-mines.

In 1990, U.S. hip hop group Public Enemy released a music album titled “Fear of a Black Planet.” Thirty-six years earlier, white supremacists on the U.S. Supreme Court released “fear of black self-sufficiency”—aka Brown v. Board of Education. It was a doctrine of condescending racism and forced integration. That worm was sold to desperate, tortured blacks as charity, even “progress.” And the worm had a racist, condescending, destructive hook: with its nose righteously under black parents’ tent—USA’s white supremacist government declared itself sole parent of every black household.

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