Short Term Negotiations, Social Cannibals, and the 5th Commandment

In her song “Precious Things,” Tori Amos declares, “so you can make me cum—that doesn’t make you Jesus!” The moral of the story is that even men who are making Tori Amos cum are not doing enough to satisfy her. This, of course, is feminist social-pornography about how men can never do enough to earn ongoing access to a soulless woman’s morally-rotten holes.

Meanwhile, in the real world, there are no less than three perspectives that reject Tori Amos’s hysterical hypothetical: (1) Feminism, (2) Christianity, (3) nature.

Feminism, with nearly no exceptions, is a rag-tag collective of shameless political prostitutes—hypocrite women and their eunuch servants, led and let by men to expect every current political and social right of any man, while honoring few if any corresponding responsibilities, and while reserving all the gender-specific privileges and protections traditionally afforded, by men, to the weaker sex. Despite Tori Amos’s slutty analysis, far more than few feminists fervently believe that when a man’s weapon of mass creation destroys a social whore’s feminist fantasies; makes her a real (fertilized) woman; and thus implodes her sexual market-value among men and feminist political mules—immediately he is her own, personal Jesus: someone to pay her prayers and pave her ascendancy from a lowly feminist to a godly mother. (Feminist whores obviously don’t phrase it that way, but are nontheless entirely conservative when it comes to deputizing a man into fatherhood the instant a mother decides not to kill her child for convenience.)

Christianity holds that “men are the head of their wives, as Christ is the head of the church,” and that this means women are to keep quiet and learn in full submission, then ask her husband for clarification if she needs it.

Setting aside the myths of Feminism and Christianity, there is nature. In the natural world, removed from the poisonous pretenses of both F & C, a woman bonds emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—indeed chemically—as soon as she bonds onto a man between her legs. This is a well-known, observable, undeniable fact. Yet a lifelong aim of countless feminists, Christians, and other Satanists is to obscure the natural bonding between men and women—to control it, commodify it, and dictate it. Thus, many a woman’s natural bond to her personal Christ (teacher) remains in the social shadows, through the tireless, evil efforts of these Satanists.

One immense consequence of torturing a woman in this way—of banishing, to the shadows of society, her natural bonding to a man—is that the woman develops a generalized lack of gratitude: nothing satisfies her. Said another way: everything disappoints her—and she lives in a constant state of generalized misery. Obviously those kinds of miserable women deserve their misery—for failing to reject the temptation towards Satanic, self-indulgent, cowardly ingratitude.

A key area where this Satanic ingratitude arises is in a miserable woman’s rejection of the fifth commandment: “honor your mother and father.” They cannot even show gratitude to their parents (their third-most-important source of survival, behind God and themselves). Thus, countless women, and their eunuch enablers live a slow, grueling death of endless short-term, cut-throat negotiations: nothing is ever good enough for them to act in good faith in the next moment—so they endlessly beg, bribe, and battle for more—from other, equally-evil social-cannibals.

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