Trump Ends Obama’s Gun-ban Against Mentally-ill Muslim Murderers

HEADLINE: Trump signs bill reversing Obama rule to ban gun purchases by mentally ill.

LEDE PARAGRAPH: “President Trump killed a regulation that would have tightened gun background checks Tuesday, signing a bill to undo one of his predecessor’s executive actions following the San Bernardino shootings in 2015.”

Oh! I remember the 2015 shooting in San Bernadino California! That’s the one where a Muslim couple killed 14 men and women in the name of Islam. So Obama declared Islam a mental illness after those Muslims killed all those people—and Obama banned Muslims from owning guns!? Well that was racist of Obama! Because Islam is a race. But of course Obama cannot be racist—because he’s black. Just ask his white mom. But Obama wrote a law banning Muslims from owning guns based on mental illness—and Trump lifted Obama’s gun-ban against Muslims? Well, that is very progressive of Trump indeed.

After all, it couldn’t have been that, in 2015, leftist totalitarians used a couple crime-prone, hate-filled Muslim maniac Murderers in San Bernadino as an excuse to disarm law-abiding citizens—especially former military (many of whom have the “mental illness” of PTSD), in order to prevent resistance to the bipartisan domestic terrorism of traitors in the government.

Nope. If that were it, TV would let us know. So anti-freedom, anti-gun-nut leftists in the U.S.—it’s important to remember:
(1) the government is evil and racist;
(2) cops are evil and racist;
(3) the only people who should have guns are cops, the government, and whoever they allow;
(4) everyone else should be disarmed—by the guns of cops and government.

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