21 Steps to a Women-only Transphobic Gender-equality Utopia: Evolution of the Special-Gender-Olympics—from Skee-lo, to the WNBA, to Megan Rapinoe, to Mary Gregory, to Ronda Rousey and Fallon Fox, to TERF

(21) “When it comes to playing basketball, I’m always last to be picked, and in some cases never picked at all. So I just lean up on the wall, or sit up in the bleachers with the rest of the girls who came to watch their men ball.”
—Lyrics of 5’8″ rapper Antoine Roundtree aka “Skee-lo,” in his 1995 song “I wish.”

(20) “When it comes to playing basketball with men, I’m always last to be picked, and in some cases never picked at all. So I just put on a wig, call myself ‘trans’, and play with the women who are not good enough to play basketball against men.”
—Skee-lo, if he were born in this generation.

(19) “We would love to sign any woman who can keep up—and she would be a billionaire off endorsements alone!”
—The NBA and all other professional athletic associations, and every sports-brand marketer.

(18) “No boys allowed!”
—The WNBA, etc. aka the Women-only Special-Gender-Olympics.

(17) “Why do we get paid less than people who don’t suck at what we do!?”
—The WNBA, etc. aka the Special-Gender-Olympics—aka women who are not good enough at sports to compete against real athletes.

(16) “We can’t pay you to play, if no one will pay to watch you play.”
—Executives of the WNBA, etc. aka the Special-Gender-Olympics

(15) “It’s sexist that no one wants to watch us bumble around and suck at sports!”
—Female professional athletes.

(14) “There is no way in hell that I’m paying to watch mediocre female ‘pro’ athletes suck at sports!”

(13) “Good job, guys! We won!”
—The 14-year-old amateur (unpaid) boys who slayed the U.S. women’s soccer team in multiple games.

(12) “It sure is nice to be a millionaire athlete!”
—More than zero of the women on the U.S. women’s soccer team that lost badly to unpaid teenage boys.

(11) “Women deserve equal pay for equal work—while they do far less work, poorly!”
—Countless stupid women with penis-envy, cavernous-vagina-syndrome, and political autism.

(10) “Women shouldn’t be powerlifters! To say the least, they all suck at lifting anyways. Also, it’s not safe for their relatively-weak bodies”
—Crazy old loser misogynist men, with little dicks, who hate to see the political and social progress for which women have heroically fought.

(9) “Mary Gregory won her women’s powerlifting title unfairly—because he is not really part of the weaker sex!”
—Transphobic women (and men) who love to womansplain their hatred of seeing women lose against transwoman at powerlifting events.

(8) “I had a lot of fun breaking that woman’s eye-socket!”
—Fallon Fox, aka some guy in a wig who gets paid to beat the shit out of women as a “transgender” MMA fighter.

(7) “It’s not fair for Fallon Fox to beat the shit out of women for money—because he is not really a part of the weaker sex!
—She-athlete Ronda Rousey.

(6) “It’s nice to be a multi-millionaire for beating up girls!”
—She-athlete Ronda Rousey, the highest-paid MMA fighter in the world at the time.

(5) “Look at all these promotional pictures of me beating up men!”
—She-athlete Ronda Rousey.

(4) “I want to fight Floyd Mayweather!”
—She-athlete Ronda Rousey.

(3) “I thought about killing myself.”
—She-athlete Ronda Rousey, reflecting on losing a fight to a prettier, more feminine girl named Holly Holm.

(2) “I thought about killing myself.”
—Some guy in a wig, who gets paid to beat up women and goes by the ring-name “Fallon Fox”—reflecting on losing a fight to a girl (Ashlee Evans Smith).

(1) “Trans-rights are a threat to women’s sports!”
—TERF (trans-exclusive radical feminists) and plenty other leftist conservatives who are stuck in the old days, where weak men, all women, and Skee-lo could only sit and watch as dominant men played professional sports—all because mediocre men weren’t allowed to put on wigs then immediately qualify for the patriarchy’s special-gender-olympics harem.

Conclusion: Women should get paid to suck at sports. Women deserve their very own private, famous special-gender-olympics. Therefore, men should force men (and women) to pay to watch women suck at sports—and men should prevent men from competing against women who suck at sports. Because gender-equality. Amen.

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