Sassy Chaos Erupts on the Set of the “Batwoman,” as the Girl-power TV Show’s Production Crew of Man-hating Lesbians Does an Impromptu, Unintentional Rendition of The Three Stooges

She-journalists out of the imploding, white-hating, man-hating shithole utopia of Canada are reporting that two strong, independent, man-hating lesbians were involved in lesbian-on-lesbian incompetence while working on the set of “Batwoman”—a groundbreaking shows that proves to the world…something something, hooray for boring, self-indulgent women, their delusions, and their cats who hate them.

Stunningly, one man-hating lesbian was not paying attention while on set. Impossibly, another man-hating lesbian wasn’t either. So one accidentally crushed the other’s spine with a piece of production equipment—and paralyzed her. Canada’s heartthrob boy-toy-eunuch prime minister Justin Trudeau’s wife’s boyfriend described the chaotic scene as “a decidedly strange-looking kitchen.”

Further studies indicate that Amanda Smith, the man-hating lesbian who was paralyzed, is a she-comedian—and therefore very, very funny. But as funny as she is, it’s safe to say that her days of stand-up are over.

But seriously, folks: to hear Smith talk about how she’s a “hairy Russian Jew,” and that she’s “not afraid of dying alone”—just afraid of “dying without properly cleaning [her] sex toys”—you can check out Smith’s comedy highlight reel on her Youtube channel—with its booming 20 subscribers. And to see Smith as a cute (pre-wall) comedian, babbling about precisely nothing for about five minutes on stage—check out Smith’s 2014 set for “BC’s [British Columbia’s] Funniest Female Comedian.”

Smith was wounded while working on the hit show Batwoman. The terrible show has received a strong, independent 3.4 stars out of 10 on IMDB’s poll, from a total of 23,000 respondents—all of whom are sexist man-children with tiny penises who feel threatened by the depiction of a strong, independent woman. “Batwoman” is portrayed in the show by a weak, fugly, man-hating, lesbian, Australian “model” named Ruby Rose. On set, the violence-prone lesbian crams cotton up herself then stands around doing nothing, while someone else performs any “stunt” more physical than squinting bravely at various muscle-bound male villains as they die by fancy special-effects for the chauvinist mind-crime of sexistly, rapishly winking at women who are wearing the latest sexy, sassy fall fashion: tassels on each nipple and a carrot up each hole. Batwoman’s Ruby Rose is also a boxer, is probably very, very tough—and probably gets paid only 70 cents to every dollar of her male counterparts in boxing. To learn more about the gender-contribution gap, check out a team of fourteen-year-old (unpaid) boys slaying USA’s “pro team” of professional (paid), adult women in soccer.

The frenemies of newly-crippled Amanda Smith, the injured of the two man-hating lesbian involved in the texting-while-empowering accident, have started a GoFundMe page. With the donations, they hope to “buy enough harvested dead-baby parts to jerry-rig Amanda back to her former glory.” As of mid-March, 2020, the fund has raised over $68,000. And lesbians, statistically, are the most sexually-violent demographic in the world. But on the bright side: violent lesbians, since they are women thus weak, typically only have labia enough to victimize other women.

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