Revisiting Charlottesville (featuring the Hitler who celebrates a Jew ejaculating in his daughter)

Full Disclosure: President Trump is just a figurehead of modern USA’s collective insanity. He is worse than any anti-Trump puppet thinks, because he represents, in principle, the same masturbatory political prostitution as Obama: lulling proud, petty pawns into endless distraction, especially to keep them wilfully blind, proudly stupid, and endlessly credulous—especially toward USA’s ongoing worldwide terrorism. Under a full political analysis, Trump is only a lightening-rod to focus the short-sightedness, cowardice, and malevolence of Trump supporters and opponents. Nevertheless, it is philosophically and anthropologically useful to analyze the various settings in which satanic elites employ their Trump-distraction conspiracies. One clear example was “Charlottesville.”

According to government pimps, media prostitutes, and the black urban-warlords who typically terrorize the crime-ridden shitole of Charlottesville, Virginia—the takeaway from Charlottesville in 2017 was “RAWR! Be more blindly intolerant and politically violent towards your white political masters’ potential white usurpers—because some ‘white supremacist’ hit a white woman with his car!”

Meanwhile, the anti-truth, anti-Jewish atheist Zionists who control USA’s media and Congress—they have scrubbed, from the gate-kept internet of Google etc., all traces of the countless attacks, during that time, against white motorists by the Democrat-plantation’s cowardly black foot-soldiers (and their self-hating white political teammates). Still, do a targeted-enough search, and you will find scores of simian “protestors” terrorizing the motorways. Look hard enough and you may even find previously-available evidence that the plantation pets were terrorizing the Charlottesville Nazi in his car before he channeled his anti-black rage into killing some white mudshark. In any case, search “Zemir Begic” and you will find the politically unimportant murder of a white motorist who was beaten to death with hammers by “youths”—in front of his pregnant wife (in response to the media’s fraud and anti-white incitement about violent thug Mike Brown of Ferguson).

Of course when it comes to the crime-ridden shithole of Charlottesville, USA’s government-run media gives you simply, “Trump said Nazi are good! See!? The Zionist wannabe-overlord middlemen who bookkeep for the real satanic shadow-government—they really are under constant threat of antisemitism everywhere! Everyone must now focus on hating anyone who doesn’t hate Nazis enough! And this is NOT all just a plot by neurotic pseudo-Jews to distract themselves from how much they hate and fear their mothers!” (Meanwhile, on the presidential campaign-trail in 2016, Trump happily reported to millions that an atheist Zionist had ejaculated in Trump’s daughter: “Ivanka is about to have have a beautiful Jewish (sic) baby!” How Hitlerian indeed.)

Now, recognize how many mindless puppets will read the preceding, blow a political brain-fuse, and then just default to “…so you hate Jews…and hate black people?”—because USA’s modern plantations are full of stunningly stupid, happily hate-filled political-prostitute pets.

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