Remembering the Real Aim of Those Who Self-medicate with Cigarettes, Lottery Tickets, Abortion, Racism, or Voting

After a smoker kills their body enough, doctors may put a hole in the smoker’s neck (a “tracheostomy”), which serves to “more easily, and usually more safely, deliver oxygen to the [dying] lungs.”[1] Smokers earn that hole by choosing poison over air. Plenty smokers continue smoking even after getting a hole in their rotting neck. To say the least, these smokers demonstrate more of a death-wish than a health-wish. Still, there are those who, well-meant and unthinking, apply their own priorities when trying to motivate a smoker to stop killing themselves: “Hey! Health this! And life that!” It’s not enough. In the first place, whenever someone indulges in self-medication through poison—physical, mental, or moral—it is imperative to understand and factor their own personal priorities: The goal of a smoker is not health—their goal is (counterproductive) self-medication through physical poison.

When a non-gambler sees a gambler buying lottery tickets—the non-gambler is often overwhelmed with the Jesus-complex of hinting, however subtly, that the gambler is “wasting money.” But the narrow-minded non-gambler fails to see things from the gambler’s perspective: every gambler is a greedy, miserable, self-indulgent weirdo. There are no exceptions. And every greedy, miserable, self-indulgent weirdo has the strategic sense of a black pro-choice democrat (i.e. no strategic sense at all—only an addiction to slaving for their moods). The goal of a gambler is not to “win the lottery”: the goal of a gambler is to momentarily self-medicate with the vain hope of winning a better life. No greedy, miserable, self-indulgent weirdo gambler really aims for a return on their investment. If economics were a gambler’s goal, they would have given up gambling long ago. Rather, gamblers aim only for that spike of lazy hope for a better life. And for that spike—albeit now blunted—a dollar or two is a tiny price. The goal of a gambler is not wealth—their goal is (counterproductive) self-medication through mental poison.

To tell a voter that their vote “doesn’t matter”—is like telling a blacktivist that the government’s bipartisan systematic mass-extermination of millions of black children is a bigger problem for blacks than a 5’8” Peruvian racistly defending himself against violent, stupid thug Trayvon Martin: it misses the point. After all, a willfully insane political puppet who mutters the mantra of St. Trayvon—they are perfectly content with their delusion, just like a smoker is content enough to poison their throat hole, and a gambler is content enough for their moment-to-moment victories against thinking clearly about the life that they so hate. Likewise, no voter believes they will “change the world” by their casting their meaningless, pitiful political opinion into a ballot box. After all, given the current political system of absolute corruption—stateside mass-infanticide, worldwide U.S. terrorism, etc.—voters are nothing but delusional cowards who desperately pretend to believe that slavish obedience to an evil government can be revolutionary—as long as they vote for the right pompous, goofy liar. The goal of a voter is not revolution—their goal is (counterproductive) self-medication through moral poison.

You may still try to “save” others from their dysfunctional self-medication—save the smoker from their physical vice, the gambler from their mental vice, or the voter from their moral vice. But just remember that the vice is only a symptom—and that the real, underlying disease is the medicator’s cowardly commitment to living a self-destructive lie.


1. Johns Hopkins Medicine, Tracheostomy Service (n.d.), available at

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