Reexamining King King Government’s Apparent Gift to Penniless Peon

Contracts Question: Give an example of something with the appearance of a gift that can serve as valid consideration. Explain how it meets the requirements to serve as valid consideration.


Kind King Government (KKG) allows Penniless Peon (PP) to harvest a lifetime of free (tax-payer-funded) Sterilization, Circuses, Abortions, Bread, and Solemnity (SCABS), so that PP can financially and socially manage single-parenthood while estranging PP’s child from the child’s other parent, out of convenience and spite. Valid consideration arises by either a benefit to the givee or a detriment to the giver. On its face, KKG presenting PP with a harvest of SCABS can seem to be just a gift, and PP harvesting and consuming the SCABS can seem to be simply the harvesting and consuming of a gift—i.e. no part of an enforceable contract—since, in the traditional sense, PP need not pay nor work for the harvest of SCABS, and KKG seems to get nothing in return (and no detriment + no benefit = no valid consideration). However, the SCABS count as consideration, because clinging to the SCABS conditions PP to a life of misandry (dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men), and a long, aching life of slow, steady Dependency, Exasperation, Anger, Trepidation, and Hypocrisy (DEATH)—which is a detriment to her. Similarly, the SCABS could also count as valid consideration because PP’s self-imprisonment, brought by the SCABS, reinforces the authority of KKG’s satanic socioeconomic-drug-dealing—which is a benefit to KKG.

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