Hitler Was Worse Than Hitler

hitler was worse than hitlerI pledge allegiance to believing that Hitler did exactly what USA’s military-industrial complex currently claims—especially that he killed at least the current estimate of people.

I know in my heart that Hitler opposed black U.S. presidents, opposed gay-rights, opposed trans-rights, opposed infanticide-rights, opposed pedophile-rights, and even opposed the mass-migration of slave populations to benefit power-hungry plutocrats who implode wage-values to cripple the ability of working-class people to negotiate effectively—and Hitler opposed anything and everything else that would demonstrate that Hitler was objectively evil.

I have perfect knowledge that Hitler hated love, loved hate, didn’t listen to rap—and was willing and eager to kill our pets with pet-bombs that he made in his garage.

I am in 100% support of passing as many laws as possible against Holocaust Denial, and I would support a law that puts Holocaust Deniers into concentration camps for the rest of their lives—and puts the worst Holocaust Deniers into gas chambers.


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