Weak Men’s and Weak Women’s Obsession with Weakend Men and Weakened Women

In history, a eunuch is a man who has been castrated to serve as a slave for “high-class” women. The women’s patriarch owners castrate the slaves to make the slaves more docile and to prevent the slaves from impregnating the patriarchs’ female property.

Modern patriarchs aggressively market modern eunuchs to modern “high-class women.” Modern eunuchs are typically called “gays” and, more recently, “transwomen” (i.e. self-hating, suicidal men in wigs). In more-conservative social circles, the eunuch role is often left to socially castrated “step fathers” who, stripped of human-being, serve out a slow, sad suicide as a worthless woman’s human-doing.

As a result of patriarchs’ aggressive marketing, countless weak women become obsessed with weakend men. But these women’s idea of a homosexual “gay” man—is a fun, friendly, effeminate, docile, needy slave who depends on her for validation because he has been socially castrated by other men.

In reality, each man addicted to mimicking procreation with other men’s rectums: he would prefer to ejaculate into a vagina and fertilize a womb—and he only settles for ejaculating into rectums because he hates and fears women too much and can never commit to any woman in any real way that would earn him access to her vagina and womb.

Thus, a “gay” eunuch fits perfectly with the man-hating, penis-envying loser women to whom the eunuchs are socially issued—because each such woman, like her eunuch pet, is too cowardly, hate-filled, and weak to trust the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, all the man-hating penis-envying women, and all the woman-hating, woman-worshiping “gay” eunuchs—their proud, miserable dysfunction perfectly serves the genocidal partiarchs who shuffle together all the expendable, unwanted men and women to prevent them from breeding before they die, early and angry.

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