When White Maniacs and Murderers “don’t do nuffin”

Last week, a white guy in the next town over from me killed his mom, his brother, the two family dogs and then himself. Ask any politically militant black person how the media is probably painting the event, and they will quickly—and accurately—say “mental illness.”

An ongoing critique by plenty U.S. blacks is that plenty U.S. whites are downright addicted to blaming “mental illness” whenever a white person does something stupid or evil.

In the end, those critics may be right, yet also the reason for that massively-popular white scapegoating of “mental illness” may have less to do with vindicating reckless whites—and more to do with reinforcing the white death-cult’s obsession with the church of pharmacology: “the problem is that we don’t drug each other’s children enough!”

Still, those blacks’ critique often—and reasonably—focuses on the tendency of white America to humanize its deviants as “mentally ill”—while pathologizing plenty normal black people as “deviants” for falling short of some entirely-imaginary white super-standard for social morality.

The moral of the story: far more than zero racist white hypocrites in the U.S. are frantic, pitiful social-cannibals. (And white-trash media and politicians pathologize plenty blacks for noticing and pointing it out.)

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