Old Mothers’ Hate-filled Addiction to Murdering Disappointments

Bourgeois women’s hatred towards unuseful people is legendary. To know this, you only need read the many tales of savagery by female aristocrats and royalty towards their castrated eunuch man-servants who have become useless to the aristocrat or royal.

No wonder then that modern bourgeois women so furiously target children for murder whenever the child has Down Syndrome: if anyone is incapable of contributing to the insatiable narcissism of weak, boring bourgeois women—it is a child with Down Syndrome. Thus a modern bourgeois woman will routinely—and with utter indifference—murder any child with Down Syndrome who, as she sees it, “invades her womb.”

The more “educated” (i.e. indoctrinated) a woman is, the more readily she will murder a child for convenience—in general, yet especially when the child is, as bourgeois women see it, “a worthless, troublesome retard.”

But a complication arises in her anti-child utopia—because the dying womb of an “older, educated woman” (i.e. a failure) is far more likely to condemn a child to a life of Down Syndrome (or a quick murder by the child’s hate-filled, narcissistic mom).

According to the Centers for Disease Control, sexual reproduction by an old woman is as much as 200 times more likely to create Down Syndrome in a child, when compared to sexual reproduction by a vibrant, healthy 12-year-old woman (the youngest age-bracket for which the CDC provides data on motherhood).

So to review:

(1) Countless a bourgeois woman puts off motherhood until she has frantically hopped through enough hoops in some patriarch’s man-made maze of sterilized desk-work;

(2) while many such women simply drop dead never having found a stopping-point in the maze—many others find a stopping-point only after she is nearly dead—and her womb refuses to make healthy children;

(3) many of these Down Syndrome factories simply conceive and murder child after child—hoping against hope that her dying womb will malfunction in just the right way in order to create a normal, healthy child;

(4) virtually all of those murderers, after enough failed attempts, forever give up on conceiving and murdering unhealthy children, and instead just coast on a while longer as the “hip, childless” wretch—then curl up and are crushed to death under the weight of carefully-earned and well-deserved misery.

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