Fantasies for Anti-white Failures: 40 Acres, a Mule—and $1,000 dollars a month

In 1864, the Union army terrorized Confederate citizens—white and black—with a “scorched earth policy” of total destruction. To deal with the refugees created by that terrorism, General Sherman made Special Field Orders, No. 15, which included settling refugees into 40-acre plots. No mule was mentioned, and military orders in time of war are neither laws nor contracts. Regardless, Special Field Orders, No. 15 is the basis of the fantasy that the U.S. government promised black people “40 acres and a mule.” To say the least: the civil war did not “free the slaves”—and the thousands of black slave-owners in 1865 did not need “40 acres and a mule.”

Among half-informed modern slaves, the “40 acres and a mule” myth lives on—a supposed broken promise to black Americans. Small, frail, racist criminal Spike Lee even named his masturbatory racist propaganda company “40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks.” The purpose of the myth is to create ignorant, unintelligent, anti-white racists. The myth is very effective.

One hundred years from now, it is almost certain that bands of ignorant, unintelligent, anti-white racist slaves—will remember the promise of some obscure, failed presidential candidate: “$1,000 a month to buy all the crack, guns, and abortions you want!” And the myth will conveniently omit that Andrew Yang—like General Sherman—was misquoted, and in any case had no authority to “promise” anything to anyone.

One thought on “Fantasies for Anti-white Failures: 40 Acres, a Mule—and $1,000 dollars a month

  1. And the modern day terrorism was the mass robotisation and forced dependency on the state – for which the solution is, apparently more forced dependency on the state. History repeats itself I suppose.


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