Why Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophilia” Case was not a Big Deal—as a matter of law


Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedophile island” may have been a big deal socially and politically—but it was not at all a big deal legally. As always, TV-addicts must be reminded that the age-of-consent is sixteen in most areas outside of their Mecca of Hollywood.

The difficulty of remembering this now intensifies, because in the internet era, the U.S. has its first first national age-of-consent: a girl must be 18 before the law considers her emotionally mature enough for people to legally pass around pictures and videos of her naked eating shit and puke, and fucking herself with logs of shit—during consensual depictions of rape and torture.

Meanwhile, the age-of-consent is sixteen in the majority of the 50 states—and sixteen also in many U.S. territories, including the Virgin Islands (where’s Epstein “pedophile island” is located).


(1) Consensual sex with prostitutes.
(2) Consensual sex with girls under 18, but over 16.
(3) Consensual sex with girls under 16, but over 13.
(4) Consensual sex with girls under 13.


(1) Consensual sex with prostitutes. Drop those charges from the analysis: prostitution only holds up in court against poor people, and people stupid enough to provide testimonial evidence against themselves. Otherwise, there are way too many excuses and defenses against a charge of prostitution. I know what plenty people are thinking: “How dare you say that!” Meanwhile, I don’t make the laws or oversee their selective enforcement—I’m just pointing it out.

(2) Consensual sex with girls under 18, but over 16. Drop those charges from the analysis: This is not a crime in the Virgin Islands. I know, I know: “but da TV told me dat under 18 is da child!” Cool story, TV-addict.

(3) Consensual sex with girls under 16, but over 13. There were a few of these accusations brought. The charges would be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. And most importantly: even if you prove those charges, they are not a big deal—because in the Virgin Islands, consensual sex with someone under 16, but over 13 is only a misdemeanor: Unlawful sexual contact in the second degree. 14 V.I.C. § 1709 (2019). So although it sounds crazy, drop those charges from the analysis: they were too hard to prove and, if proved, were not going to matter much in the long-run.

(4) Consensual sex with girls under 13. This would be a serious crime. Only one (grouped) allegation of this arose against Epstein (and apparently the accusation went nowhere).


(1) rich people don’t get nailed on prostitution;
(2) sex with someone under 18, but over 16, is not a crime;
(3) sex with someone under 16, but over 13, is hard to prove and only a misdemeanor.
(4) sex with someone under 13 was effectively not alleged against Epstein.


For those still fuming about sex with someone under 16, but over 13, not being worth the trouble, here’s one more thing to consider: a prosecutor would have to build and bring those misdemeanor cases within one year of the alleged occurrences—or the statute of limitations runs out. 5 V.I.C. § 3541(a)(3) (2019).


There are those who will be stuck on, “Ok maybe these things are either not illegal or too hard to prosecute—but it’s all still so gross: Epstein and his friends are OLD! OMG!” The law agrees with you. In most places, the real age-of-consent is not 16—it’s much lower. But there is a difference between the real age-of-consent—and the age-of-consent that the law applies to adults. For example, the real age-of-consent in the Virgin Islands is 13: a woman who is 13-years-old is allowed to fuck all she wants—as long as her sexual partners are 13, 14, or 15.

Also, a guy of any age can fuck a 14-year-old woman (or even younger) all he wants—as long as she is his wife. And a woman can choose to marry at fourteen. 16 V.I.C. § 2(4) (2019).


(1) Epstein and his rich, powerful, Democrat friends barely broke any laws (if any at all).
(2)The statute of limitations had run out with virtually every crime for which Epstein could have been prosecuted.
(3)The time and trouble of prosecuting the remaining crimes Epstein, et al. are alleged to have committed—would far outweigh any remotely potential benefit from a conviction.

I know what plenty people are thinking: “This is all crazy and evil! Jeffrey Epstein was a perverted monster! because women are all children until the men of daddy-government say otherwise! And any man who reciprocates a woman-child’s desire for sex is a pedophile who deserves to get thrown in jail, dick cut off, and get raped to death.” I totally agree. You are normal and healthy. My only problem is that you don’t go far enough: you think a woman isn’t emotionally mature enough to choose sex (with adults) until she reaches whatever arbitrary age-line some men in government draw. But I think no woman is ever mature enough to choose sex. All women should just curl up and die from sexual deprivation. But you’re probably right: 13, 14, and 15 year-olds should be legally allowed to have massive kid-only orgies—in preparation of “adulthood” at 18, at which time every perverted monster is legally allowed to descend on them and any moral rot that results is “between consenting adults.”

Anyhow, have fun holding on to whatever other Jeffrey Epstein non-stories are fed to you—probably there are no constant wars going on, where countless children, women, and men are being murdered for convenience. After all, if that were happening—surely USA’ Zionist-controlled media and Congress would tell you about it, instead of distracting you with non-stories about consensual sex.

Back to sleep.

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