Content is Still King, Despite Gen-Z

Nature tells us that “content is king.” Countless effeminate Gen-Z man-child narcissists endlessly dress-up limitless ways to say “content is not king—it is only a slave to marketing, which is a slave to optics, which is a slave to whatever moment-to-moment antics get attention.” Then the narcissists live a slow death of frantic clinging and swinging for attention from losers with bad priorities.

In their race to the bottom, dueling factions of man-children—alongside their sterilized, cotton-crammed, child-fearing, penis-envying, man-hating marionettes—fight over a trough of itching ears (2 Timothy 4). If anti-Jewish Zionists’ satanic media told these man-children to defecate on the ground, call it art, fence it off, then battle in courts-of-public-opinion over their “intellectual property”—that would be the hill-to-die-on for those of Gen-Z who accept being the last vestige of their ancestors’ cowardly, credulous, death-directed self-worship. And as each of those social-cannibals glamorously implodes—the content of the meek inherits the earth (Matthew 5:5).

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