CTE of USA’s Black Mascots (SFTU 2724)

“Black Brains Matter,”[1] squalled the pink peddlers of black moral-retardation. Here we are, in the 21st century, and CTE brain-injuries in the NFL prove that blacks, like we always suspected, are yet again victims.

In 2005, racist black pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu advanced black science by his discovery that repeatedly running full-speed into things with your head causes brain injuries.[2] Before Dr. Omalu’s soulful and charismatic discovery, black scientists always assumed that brain injuries, like every other ailment, were caused by not drinking enough magic potions brewed from the arms and legs hacked off of albino children.[3]

On a side note, studies indicate that analyzing albino-hunting is racist, because the analyses racistly focus on the blacks who hunt albino children and hack off their arms and legs to brew into magic potions. Studies further indicate that crazy old Thomas Jefferson would have presumed that carefree black millionaires in the NFL, when charismatically ramming their heads into things, reflected the “lack of forethought” that makes blacks so “brave.”[4] But we all know the truth: It is the fault of white people in general, that white billionaires don’t properly train their black millionaires about the dangers of banging your head into things. It’s enough to make you wonder whether any of the lies about USA’s legacy of “slavery and racism” are true.

Back in the real world, pink people and black almost-people alike realize that the black mascots of pink-supremacists are not as stupid as they pretend: they are not mentally retarded, just morally-retarded. And they absolutely love white pity.

And although plenty pinks and non-black muds can also effect moral-retardation for the elites, still blacks are the mascots-of-choice: the flamboyant sanctimony of their braggadocios victimhood better suits those political prostitutes whose siren-call is, “Don’t worry—we’re here to save you from your own bad decisions.”

The political preference for black victim-mascots is why, for example, media ignored all the white victims of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina,[5] instead focusing on such distractions as the foolish racism of mom-killing loser Kanye West, who whimpered, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”[6]—before paying for the cosmetic surgery that killed his black-supremacist mom, who self-identified as fat and ugly.[7]

The political preference for black victim-mascots is why media ignored all the white victims of 2014’s Flint Michigan Water Crisis.

The political preference for black victim-mascots is why media ignored all the white victims of the 2007-8 Subcrime (Subprime) Loan Crisis.[8]

And the political preference for black victim-mascots is why media ignores all the white victims of CTE.

Of course the argument is “but the majority of the victims are black.” Yet such bean-counters decide against mentioning inter-racial violent crime.[9]


1. See Steven Rothman, Black brains matter (St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2017).

2. Id.

3. See, e.g., CBS News, Albino people are being hunted for their body parts (2016); Pavithra Rao, Ending albino persecution in Africa: Governments, UN and human rights groups step up advocacy to enlighten communities (UN 2018); Robyn Dixon, In parts of Africa, people with albinism are hunted for their body parts. The latest victim: a 9-year-old boy (LA Times 2017); Dominique van Heerden, Hunting for humans: Malawian albinos murdered for their bones (CNN 2016).

4. See Jefferson’s Notes of the State of Virginia (1785).

5. See Louisiana Dept. of Health, Hurricane Katrina deaths, Louisiana, 2005 (2008) (despites practically zero media focus on white victims—whites were 42% of deaths from Hurricane Katrina).

6. See Josh Terry, 10 years ago today, Kanye West said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ (Chicago Tribune 2015).

7. See Yesha Callahan, Kanye West’s mom’s doctor shares truth about her death (The Root 2018).

8. Consider, e.g., Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (FMFM), a program by the same government that funds genocide through Planned Parenthood. FMFM temporarily bolsters the pride of foolish people—especially foolish black people: tempting them into mortgages that the fools cannot afford, then, upon default, the fools forfeit all the money that they paid into the doomed mortgage. This is called government help.

9. Do not research the statistics on inter-racial violent crime between blacks and whites, if you are addicted to the myth of perpetual black victimhood. Instead, wean yourself slowly off the addiction—for example by looking up the thousands of black slave-owners in the American colonies.

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