Devolution back into homosexual exceptions: Racist, sexist, mediocre Harvard charity-case Kim Rivera demands less men and less sexual normalcy at Hewlett Packard

In 2017, two over-trained, under-worked liabilities—Debra Cassens Weiss[1] and Liane Jackson[2]—crammed cotton up their front holes[3] and set to work writing their gossip columns for the American Bar Association, to laud the anti-white, anti-normal, sexist, heterophobe Kim Rivera—Hewlett Packard’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel.

Rivera recently made waves among the chattery dickless pets of gate-keeping patriarchs by threatening to extort from any of HP’s law firm partners who can’t find a non-terrible non-man lawyer to fill the bigoted anti-white, anti-male quotas of the tolerant left.[4]

Jackson congratulated Rivera on her sad, sexist, sanctimonious begging: “Dawg, dat shit fiya, gnomesayin?,”[5] said Jackson, who is black. “As a non-white, non-man, I be knowing da importance of being gifted an affirmative-action ivy-league undergraduate education from UPenn; then a Master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern—the top Journalism school in the nation; then a law degree from Tulane. So I know, firsthand, the importance of patriarchs providing social handouts and unearned privilege for brown females: it’s essential that we put people like me on a laughable pedestal of being among the most educated people in the history of the world.[6] And I promise to be a good little chocolate pet and write articles about the plight of Jewish lawyers.”[7] Then Jackson adjusted the blood-soaked cotton crammed up her vagina that gives her mild, day-long toxic-shock.[8] “Dats my empowerment,” she blacked with a grin, while holding a Coors Light and Camel non-filter in one hand and a piece of fried chicken in the other, and wearing a shirt that says “I *heart* Watermelon!”[9]

As Jackson ran her boring mouth, Weiss looked on, nodding politely and smiling whitely—a slow, steady, non-verbal “you go, gurl!” for her favorite black person.[10]

If Jackson, Weiss, and Rivera lived in a house together—gradually the menstrual cycle of the two beta-females would start to match the timing of the alpha-female.[11] Because they are three small, weak, silly-suited, gossip-addicted mammals, whose bodies are made to be fertilized.[12]

Also, it is a manifest and measurable fact that she-lawyers are far more likely than real lawyers to simply burn out, wander off, and cling—like the little pink remoras they are—to the underbelly of whatever wizened great-enough white will coddle their failure.[13]

This certainly makes it hard for non-sexist, non-racist law firms (etc.) to comply with the Stalinist tactics of these girl-power corporate shit-shows.

Moral of the story: imagine any of those three bitches reading this. What can they do? They can’t get any “madder” or more indignant—they’re already fully mad because “….something something white people!” They can’t womansplain any more selfishly and neurotically. They have nowhere to go.

Imagine that: Nothing. Of course, they would feel alive upon first exposure to a writing so “sexist, racist, homophobic—blah blah blah.” But even blacks and women like these three aren’t as stupid as they look and act: they know there’s no social bank-account to go after random losers who offend so lowly a diversity-mascot as them.

We’re too busy wishing death upon Harvey Weinstein for showing his little Jewish dick to some millionaire celebrity bitches. We’re too busy wishing Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein came back to life—so we could kill him again, for having consensual sex with a 17-year-old “child.” We’re too busy watching movies made by Jewish actual-child-rapist Roman Polanski, who is living out his life peacefully among the pedophile-enablers of France.

And we’re definitely too busy not noticing that all those “white male” pariahs—and countless others like them—are Jews (really, anti-Jewish atheists). Because as much as these chattering gossipy bitches—the Jacksons and Weisses of the world—will cheer on their bitch buddies—the Riveras of the world—nevertheless, they all know exactly how long their leash is. And they are good little sterilized, cotton-crammed mascots for their patriarch handlers—yes they are, Yes They ARE! Who’s a good little strong-for-a-girl mascot!? That’s right: it’s YOU, bitch-princess! Now keep cramming that cotton—you’ve got a long life to waste![14]

Still, it’s always so pitiful to watch slow-dying bitches pretend camaraderie—and even more pitiful to see them pretend a willingness to bite the hand that feeds.

P.S.: During the Vietnam war, if you claimed to be a faggot—you were exempt from the draft, and did not have to kill and die in war.[15] Equally, in the modern day: to avoid Rivera’s HP inquisition against straight, white men—you can just be a straight, white guy who “identifies” as a brown(ish) faggot woman . . . and then you don’t lose the 10%. Yep.[16] Now that’s precisely the kind of she-strategy you can expect from a social-slut like Kim Rivera—who used the Liz Warren method to get into Harvard: Be a rich, white bitch who pretends to be a poor, brown bitch.[17] So crafty! Meanwhile, no one’s really checking anyhow, loser.


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2. See, e.g., Liane Jackson, General counsel say bold moves like HP’s diversity mandate are necessary to achieve lasting change (ABA 2017), available at

3. The misogynist men who dominate “transactivism” hate women. So they hate vaginas. So they prefer the word “front hole”—because they are insane.

4. See Kim Rivera, Diversity mandate to partner law firms (Hewlett Packard 2017), available at

5. That’s a paraphrase.

6. Still paraphrasing . . . and objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

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8. Sometimes, cramming cotton up your front-hole and wandering around pretending to be a boy—can be deadly. See, e.g., Nicole Pelletiere, My 19-year-old daughter died from Toxic Shock Syndrome. Here’s my plea to lawmakers. (Good Morning America 2019), available at

9. Chris Rock said white people can say the n-word, if they’re saying “fuck me harder, nigger”—because all the fake civil rights fights are really just about fragile black egos. Anyhow, taking Rock at his word: I’m allowed to joke about blacks—and say the “nigger” word—because I’ve fucked black women.

10. Aka the only one she knows—and she doesn’t even know her.

11. See Wikipedia, Menstrual synchrony (n.d.), available at (oh, and it’s not a thing).

12. #HateFact.

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14. Statistically, women generally live much longer than men. Not because men busily, and to their own detriment, make life better for women. No—women live longer, because male-privilege.

15. See Ross Benes, How exclusion from the military strengthened gay identity in America (Rolling Stone n.d.), available at

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17. See Annie Linskey and Amy Gardner, Elizabeth Warren apologizes for calling herself Native American (Washington Post 2019), available at

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