Salting the salt of the earth in Tijuana

Throughout Tijuana’s dingy and depraved, late-night-business district, music blared, police extorted bribes, prostitutes received money in exchange for others’ sex and self-respect, and scores of American teens took full advantage of Mexico’s liberal alcohol policies.

But down the street, the homeless shelter was closed. So he turned the corner from the shelter and just sat down next to a little old homeless lady, and he quickly fell asleep.

It was about 1am. The lady seemed asleep too, but as we passed, clearly she was awake: her eyes were closed, but tears dripped down her face, falling onto the blanket that covered her hands.

She was oblivious to the outside world that was oblivious to her, so when I touched her hand to get her attention—the touch startled her. I apologized and handed her my $1.35 and 10 pesos. She thanked me profusely and said that God would bless me. As I turned to leave, she notice I was barefoot. She exclaimed, “You have no shoes! You don’t have enough money for yourself!”—and the tear-drenched, helpless, homeless old Mexican lady, though herself discarded into the streets of Tijuana: she tried to return the $1.35 and 10 pesos.

I agreed with her: “I don’t have enough money for myself (it happened to be my last $1.35 and 10 pesos), but I have enough to give you this—and it can probably help you more than it can help me.” She thanked me and wished me well.

I’m going to get a hold of the homeless shelter, and the church here in TJ that offers some services to the homeless, and find out whether we can just show up at those locations with these people.

salting the salt of the earth in tijuana (homeless man and woman on the street—picture by Russ Lindquist)

Salting the salt of the earth in Tijuana: Homeless man and woman on the street, Christmas Day, 2011 (photo by Russ Lindquist)

*update: today is Tuesday, July 15, 2014. I am back in Tijuana for a while now and still haven’t found churches or services that directly help the helpless here.

*update: It is the end of 2018, a few years after thousands of needy Africans flooded the streets of Tijuana.

Now a huge focus is on a “migrant caravan,” whose “human right”—is to be funded and enabled to cross through several countries then end up in Tijuana.

Here, all the news outlets of the world interview various migrants about how hopeful they are that mean old president Donald Trump will let them flood into the USA, as modern day slaves, to implode the wage value of the lowest workers.

If that “success” occurs, then the migrants will provide business oligarchs with a massive counterattack against the economic “threat” of collective bargaining by low-wage U.S. workers. (Famous United States labor organizer Cesar Chavez always and constantly decried this kind of wage-implosion by “illegals,” as he called them).

While the caravan sits here in Mexico, with all the world’s media focused on Tijuana: the native poor in the city are again swept aside, so that the Mexican government can grandstand about providing various social services for the popularized invaders of the immediate political moments—just as happened a few years back, when thousands of Africans invaded Tijuana.

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