Not-so-breaking News: Another doomed call for concern about slavery in Africa—to frauds who religiously celebrate the Nike Plantation

A few years back, Barbara Jones reported[1] for Daily Mail that the white-trash/black-trash bourgeois lust for an electric car funds child-slavery in the cobalt mines of Africa.

So What. In case you just joined us: Plenty will not worry at all about (ongoing) slavery in the Congo, the poorest nation in the world. This is obvious, given that plenty already happily and knowingly benefit from slavery throughout the world. Otherwise, they would boycott the slave-trades of, for example, diamond merchants and the Nike plantation*

*Aside: The Nike Plantation is that world-famous gulag where mulatto millionaire fraud Colin Kaepernick gets his funding to fake an interest in the faked plights of black criminals in the USA. (Black criminals are, provably and by far, the majority of focus for the Zionist-controlled media’s fake concern about poor black people; and that fake concern completely overshadows and extinguishes nearly all concern for legitimately aggrieved people—black or otherwise—especially the heroic cops who, every day, protect good people from the kinds of black criminals whom the media glorify as soon as someone successfully defends themselves against the violent black criminal.)

Slavery for Batteries. Diamonds and designer shoes are just two of many useless products purchased knowingly by way of slavery in Africa and China. So how much less will these white-trash/black-trash bourgeois fans of slavery worry about African slavery that provides cobalt for batteries in their electric cars (to say nothing of slavery and war for the lithium in their cell phones[2]).

Conclusion. A couple hate-facts to make this post unshareable for anyone except those willing to possibly face a tidalwave of sanctimonious excuse and abuse from Zionist puppeteers and black puppets committed to justifying the degeneracy of blacks and Jews:

Hate-fact 1: Imagine how happily slaves on the modern plantation enjoy other modern slavery by buying useless products, e.g. Nikes and diamonds, that they know fuel slavery in Africa and beyond—and Imagine if black frauds who fake an interest in myths about former slavery by Europeans: instead put at least as much interest in modern (and former) slavery among Africans.

Hate-fact 2: Diamonds are not scarce.[3] Their supply is just strategically limited by De Beers—and their Jewish gangster middlemen who administrate the diamond trade, through slavery and murder in Africa and beyond.


1. Barabara Jones, Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth so YOU can drive an electric car (Daily Mail 2017), available at

2. See, e.g., James Risen, U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan (New York Times 2010)

3. See, e.g., Rohin Dhar, Diamonds are bullshit (HuffPost 2013)

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