Heart-Seller Act: Luring and leashing credulous social-cannibals…

Heart-Seller Act: Luring and leashing credulous social-cannibals to extend the hegemony of USA’s oligarchs by imploding their restless serfs’ due process, fair trade, and freedom of conscience (SFTU 2710)

Terrorism cannot birth prosperity but only a transitory mirage, where the terrorists gather to celebrate honor among theives and—finding none—join packs to enjoin pacts of social-cannibalism, as they respectively and collectively commit mass-suicide, at least socially.

Through Satanic handlers, the USA now writes laws and lauds rites against memory, thought, and communication. The goals is plausible deniability:

Probably the allies were morally above bombing Nazi supply-lines—although the allies did mass-murder hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians with atomic bombs.

Probably the mass-death in German camps was not caused by starvation and disease from a lack of food caused by the allies’ bombing of Nazi supply lines—although the allies did mass-murder hundreds of thousands of German civilians in Dresden.

Probably there exists—somewhere—evidence of the “holocaust” besides claims by Germany’s enemies, gas-chamber “recreations” by Stalinists, and “confessions” from Nazis, extracted by torture.

Probably the U.S. and Stalinist oligarchs of the post-WW2, bipolar superstate were benevolent.

Probably the anti-white fanaticism of the 1960’s improved the lives of the credulous, soulless criminals, cowards, and social-cannibals whom it enlisted.

Probably the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act was more than a heart-seller act, to lull fools and frauds into believing that USA’s real problem was that the nation had too few credulous brown slaves with whom—and on whom—to inflict chaos and disunity in order to solidify and escalate centralized hegemony.

Probably USA’s perpetual war after heart-seller has been about justice, since more and more of USA’s lawless mercenaries—foreign and domestic—are not white.

Probably the new generations’ proud proof that they are allowed to speak because they are not “KKK” or “Nazis”—is more than cowardly masochism masked as the sadism of throwing other scapegoats under the bus.

In any case: this, too, shall pass.

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