Diversity in Yale’s Harem

In the 60’s, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys imagined a surf city with “two girls for every boy.” Wilson was an oversexed, misogynist pervert.

In 2016, Yale University proudly published its goal of “Promoting Diversity and Equal Opportunity.”

Of the 42 people featured in Yale’s socialist sermon, 10 are men.

Yale University: Where “diversity and inclusion” means gilded man-children sanctimoniously surrounding themselves with 3 girls for every boy.

And the harem lived happily ever after—with 75% of its academic chattel cramming cotton up themselves, wearing little man-suits—and proving that women can do anything that patriarchs groom and beg she-students to bumble through in an exclusive harem.

Managing the Myriad Cotton-crammed Commodities

And in Yale’s silly little harem cult, minders are sure to micromanage all their hyper-socialized, beady-eyed spores—instructing them on such patriarchal purview as the “Definition of Sexual Consent,” a laughably lifeless screed laboriously phrased gender-neutrally, to avoid embarrassing the proudly pitiful penis-less wallflowers and academic tomboys for whom Yale enacts its solemn, prudish minder-policies:

Yale’s Mathematical Formula for Fostering Interpersonal Respect Among Weak, Dumb, Credulous Perverts

“Sexual activity requires consent, which is defined as positive, unambiguous, and voluntary agreement to engage in specific sexual activity throughout a sexual encounter. Consent cannot be inferred from the absence of a ‘no’; a clear ‘yes,’ verbal or otherwise, is necessary. Consent to some sexual acts does not constitute consent to others, nor does past consent to a given act constitute present or future consent. Consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual encounter and can be revoked at any time. Consent cannot be obtained by threat, coercion, or force. Agreement under such circumstances does not constitute consent.

“Consent cannot be obtained from someone who is asleep or otherwise mentally or physically incapacitated, whether due to alcohol, drugs, or some other condition. A person is mentally or physically incapacitated when that person lacks the ability to make or act on considered decisions to engage in sexual activity. Engaging in sexual activity with a person whom you know – or reasonably should know – to be incapacitated constitutes sexual misconduct.”

Thanks, Papa Yale. You really care!—you’re the best stepdad EVER! #Brazzers.

Check it out:


One thought on “Diversity in Yale’s Harem

  1. SFTU …..Like the Kikes at YALE and the Pseudo Elite JEW run colleges….
    Tukkin -Olam is alive and well ….at them all … YALE helping to make it happen ——starting with DUMB FUCKING FEMALE Population ….. Career woman at 40–50 years old are the most unhappy , unfulfilled con jobs for the rest of the women to follow suit … Literally …. Get in line females .. Because Mass extinction and population replacement is all your helping the JEW with .. Not your PHD and Androgyny … Either way its a WIN -WIN for threat bastard JEWs and Muslims….
    Androgynous females posing as men in pant suits are the FEMALE of the FUTURE…..Nothing more pathetic then a FEMALE with Zero Kids and PENIS ENVY … … Or worse 2 Lesbians raising Children in which they receive cart blanche over straight parents in adoption agencies.. …with the same adoption requests….Preferred KIKERY SCAM …over Straight White couples of INDO EUROPEAN HUMAN BEING UPBRINGING ….. Not in the Jew World Order…. Not in the JEW run ..Yales the Harvards , Etc….teaching the CHICANERY of the KIKE and all their puppets ….
    Nope its the YALE SHE-MALE Pant Suit Wearing Androgynous LGBTQ community with the highest domestic violence rates in the country,,, even over convicted prison Inmates …Yep what a perfect environment to raise a Jew Mongrel heinz 57 Mutt ….Starts with PHD fraud YALE woman .. Who are Pretend ME-TOO frauds and are supposedly held back Speeches and Women


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