Two Views on Hitler

(1) “I hate love, and love hate. I hate everyone for who they are, and think I am better than everyone. I will kill as many people as I can until I am stopped. Also, I have a plan in place to disappear every single piece of evidence about the evil that I am proud to commit—so that precisely zero evidence will exist in the future to prove my crimes. The only way to prove the truth about me and my plans will be for Stalinists and Zionists to torture Nazis into saying whatever myths the Stalinists and Zionists want to invent for the post-war world, and then the Stalinists and Zionists must present, at a kangaroo court in Nuremberg, the truth that they tortured German prisoners of war into confessing. Anyone who repeats what I say is me. Anyone who doubts any lie about me is me. Anyone who questions anything that any anti-Jewish atheist Zionist says is me—and deserves to die.”
—Hitler, as presented by the many vain, cowardly, hate-filled fanatics whose entire worldview depends entirely on constant, unwavering obedience to—and enforcement of—laughable myths about Hitler.

(2) “As a young scamp in my wild years, nothing had so grieved me as having been born at a time which obviously erected its Halls of Fame only to shopkeepers and government officials. The waves of historic events seemed to have grown so smooth that the future really seemed to belong only to the ‘peaceful contest of nations’; in other words, a cozy mutual swindling match with the exclusion of violent methods of defense. The various nations began to be more and more like private citizens who cut the ground from under one another’s feet, stealing each other’s customers and orders, trying in every way to get ahead of one another, and staging this whole act amid a hue and cry as loud as it is harmless. This development seemed not only to endure but was expected in time (as was universally recommended) to remodel the whole world into one big department store in whose vestibules the busts of the shrewdest profiteers and the most lamblike administrative officials would be garnered for all eternity. The English could supply the merchants, the Germans the administrative officials, and the Jews no doubt would have to sacrifice themselves to being the owners, since by their own admission they never make any money, but always ‘pay,’ and, besides, speak the most languages.”
—Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. 1, ch. 5, para. 1.

Imagine that: modern traitors, tyrants, and cry-bullies falsify the world’s single biggest scapegoat for a reason.

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