You have the right to remain in danger: Ryan Thomas and Lefist obsession with germ warfare

How many prostitutes did bisexual rapist Magic Johnson kill by knowingly exposing them to the AIDS that he—but not they—could later afford to manage with expensive medications?[1]

How many men in California will die from the AIDS they get from a black woman who prostitutes herself: AIDS-infected prostitutes whom the state’s government have emboldened and abetted by lowering, to a misdemeanor,[2] the crime of rape-by-deception by AIDS-infected women—and how many of those men will, like Magic Johnson, get AIDS from a prostitute and then infect others?

Of course Magic Johnson deserves his AIDS—having earned it for his adultery. (And of course Johnson deserves a “gay” son who has chosen to live out his life presenting as a constant reminder, to his dad, of the kind of rage-filled fools whom Johnson escorted to an early death.)

Of course adulterers deserve the AIDS that they draw out from the body of a dying, discarded black woman, who will waste her final, rebellious days begging to be penetrated for money, in the slave-colony called California.

Yet how many children’s lives did heroes save in old California by “hatefully” removing AIDS-infected biter Ryan Thomas from elementary school?[3] (In any case, none of the scolding or shaming by pro-AIDS degenerates—judges or otherwise—outweighed the relief felt by the concerned parents when they learned that the AIDS-infected bullet they had dodged for their children—had died of AIDS at 10-years-old.[4])

How many lives did AIDS-infected homosexual drug-dealer Matthew Shepard save by dying strung to a fence[5]—almost killing the first-responder who tended to his poisonous wounds?[6]

How many bisexual black men in Atlanta descend into medical suicide through faith in pro-death lies that AIDS—in Georgia and beyond—is “safely contained and manageable”?


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