When Murderers (and Rapists) Declare “Abortion Should be Safe, Legal, and Rare”

A popular argument among child-murder advocates is that “abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.”

The anti-life slogan was first presented by Former United States President Bill Clinton—a rapist of Mexican women (and others), who bites and beats the women whom he rapes.

In 1993, the rapist counseled that “our vision should be of an American where [killing kids] is safe and legal—but rare.”[1]

Throughout the years, the rapist’s pro-death slogan has been often parroted by many Satanic, pro-death maniac’s, including Rapist President Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton—a Yale-trained lawyer who, at court in 1975, terrorized a 12-year-old child—Kathy Shelton—who had been raped so violently that her damaged body could never bear children—though she’d always dreamed of being a mother.[2]

For the sake of argument, imagine that pro-death maniacs like the Clintons are not just Satanic traitors against life—imagine that they mean what they say: “Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.”

Why? If murdering people should be legal, of course it should be safe. But if murdering people should be legal and safe—why should it be rare? If I were a murderer, I would demand: “Hey, murder is legal and safe, and murdering is my human right, and murdering is about ‘women’s health’—so who are you to say that murder should be ‘rare’?”

Plenty have pointed this out. In fact, the momentum of common-sense against the illogical pro-murder slogan gradually convinced enough murder advocates: now, the demand is that murdering a child should be safe and legal.”

Still, no one should pretend that the new generation of anti-life Satanists accelerated the bloodlust of that ever-imploding subculture of social cannibals. Nor should anyone suppose that rapist Clinton or his rape-apologist wife escalated the situation by their pro-murder advocacy. After all, the Supreme Court of the United States—to which Satanists always defer when it suits them—declared in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992)[3] that laws against murdering a child are illegal, if the law places an “undue burden” on the would-be murderer.[4]


1. C-SPAN, “User Clip: Bill Clinton, January 22, 1993: Safe, legal, and rare” (1993), available at https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4823634/user-clip-bill-clinton-january-22-1993-safe-legal-rare

2. Daily Mail, Video: Kathy Shelton talks about surviving brutal rape in 1975 (n.d.), available at https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1317584/Kathy-Shelton-talks-surviving-brutal-rape-1975.html

3. 505 U.S. 833.

4. Id. at 874 (“where state regulation [against murder] imposes an undue burden on a woman’s ability to [murder a child,] the power of the State reach[es] into the heart of the liberty protected by the Due Process Clause”).

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