Ben Shapiro’s Shy Lock Against Non-atheists in “Israel”

“Black-white conflict in the USA is exponentially more volatile than German-Polish conflict ever was. And the solution is far easier. If there was ‘room in Germany for the German populations of East Prussia and of the other territories,’ as Churchill stated, there is certainly room in the spacious African states for the millions of blacks in the USA. If Germans, who had a centuries-old connection to the newly created Polish territory, could be expelled, then surely blacks, whose claim to USA is dubious at best, can be expelled.”

—Ben Shapiro (2003),

in his article “Transfer is not a dirty word.” Except Shapiro talked not about the ethnic cleansing of USA’s blacks but rather the ethnic cleansing of “Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.” Shapiro advocated for their total removal from the atheist terrorist state of “Israel—whose name was culturally appropriated by socialist atheists from the religious Jews whom the atheist pseudo-Jews daily torment.

Here is the article:

Transfer is not a dirty word

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