Lousy Rousey and the WNBA: Modern female athletes as embarrassing, mediocre hypocrites

Ronda Rousey sucks at fighting. Everyone knows this. We know it because Ronda Rousey lost a fair fight to a girl—then became suicidal about it.

No one in the world would be the fan of a male fighter who loses fights to women. (And the only job that fighter would have would be to lose fights against women to the delight of man-hating losers.)

Girls vs Eunuchs

So Lousy Ronda Rousey sucks at fighting. Yet at one time, Rousey was the highest paid MMA fighter in the world—for winning fights against other girls. Her handlers promoted Lousy Rousey with pictures and videos of her slamming and pummeling her male training partners (any one of whom could easily end her life in a fight—possibly without breaking a sweat).

Life among fun-house mirrors

Meanwhile, before becoming suicidal after losing a fight to a girl, Lousy Rousey happily promoted herself by pretending an interest in fighting Floyd Midget Mayweather.

Imagine how much mockery Midget Mayweather would face if he pulled a Lousy Rousey: if he promoted himself with pictures of him beating up normal-sized men during sparring—and then pretended an interest in fighting Mike Tyson.

Even Mayweather-sized men have more sense than she-fighters. The most a Mayweather will do is proudly talk of being “the best pound-for-pound fighter”—which is midgetese for “I would never in my life fight a full-sized man, but please let me bottom-feed among the skill-less fans who know ‘size does not matter’.”

Hoarding Whores

The fate of every female celebrity athlete is to be as much a sniveling, groveling prostitute for man-hating losers as Lebron James is a prostitute for Sprite, or Colin Kaepernick is a prostitute for USA’s Zionist-controlled media and the slave-nation of China, or Republicans and Democrats are prostitues for myths about Lincoln “freeing the slaves.”

Twilight of the Bridle

It is impossible for lowly, prostituted female athletes to gracefully accept their fate. This is why Lousy Rousey impossibly pretended she doesn’t suck at fighting.

This is also why the WNBA exists: women who suck at basketball, pretending not to suck at basketball, playing at a level for which no man would dream of demanding any money, yet receiving pay whatsoever—and while bitching about not receiving the pay that elite males get.

Fear of a Trans Planet

Now, the supposed problem is trannies. At some point in recent past, many a crafty man who sucks at sports realized that if he is willing to wear a wig and tearfully parrot tranny-talking-points from some self-hating homo at the APA, then the crafty, wigged man can sneak past the gender-based gatekeepers—and dominate the awkward, laughably mediocre mudsharks of female sports.

Quality Control

The term “quality control” traditionally meant “controlling to assure quality.” Now, for the WNBA, W-MMA, and the rest: quality control is for controlling against quality: they don’t want random men compromising the she-sports scam by dominating all the little, loud, proud she-piggybanks.

After all, if the UFC, for example, could find men so mediocre that women could beat them in a fight, and the men were willing to lose fights in public against women, and if the public could actually appreciate some fugly dyke winning a fight against so lowly a man—then the men in charge would let those men fight the women.

But if you can milk money by selling overpriced gym equipment to delusional failures who know nothing about fighting—by featuring a she-fighter like Lousy Rousey flipping guys in her gym and knocking out girls: you have as much incentive to risk no-name teenage guys killing W-MMA’s biggest stars in co-ed tournaments as boxing has an incentive to end weight-classes and drop Midget Mayweather’s value to zero.


So here we are: pink octagons full of women who suck at fighting, pink fields and courts full of women who suck at sports—ugly, assless rejects demanding equal pay, while demanding that men keep men out of the girl-only leagues.

Meanwhile, as allow always: no sport on earth bars women. And if any woman could compete even decently in, for example, the NBA—we all know that she would be a literal billionaire and a worldwide mega-star. (She might even get as much fame as a white guy winning a BET award for bragging about violence and drugs, or a sub-Saharan African scoring above retarded on a standardized test.)

This, of course, is a reason why countless male trainers frantically torture any semi-broad-shouldered broad they can find, into a life of mediocrity and chronic pain—hoping to cash in on a dying society’s promised bounty for proof of the myth that “gender is a social construct.”

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