Why Zionists are so Neurotic

In case you just joined us, here is the factual, verifiable chain of Zionist propaganda and terrorism against the United States and throughout the world:

(1) Saudi Arabia, with aid from Israel, attacked the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001, killing thousands and providing a pretext for massive reductions in U.S. citizen’s freedom—and massive increases in the national government’s freedom to control law-abiding citizens;
(2) U.S. military—acting like a neutered, rabidly obedient dog—attacked whoever arose as 9/11’s culprits according to Israel’s falsified intelligence, distributed through constant misinformation campaigns in USA’s Zionist-controlled media and Zionist-infested Congress;
(3) Whistleblower United States General Wesley Clark warned about seven countries that Zionist terrorists intended to destroy with help from traitors in the United States government;
(4) USA’s Zionist-controlled media and Zionist-infested Congress routinely declare that Iran is a threat to the non-Jewish, atheistic, socialist rogue nation that has culturally appropriated the Jewish name “Israel”—a nation that murdered and maimed hundreds of U.S. military men on the USS Liberty in 1967, hoping to create a false-flag to induce the U.S. into war* on behalf of the atheist, socialist terrorists who currently occupy Palestine.
*The 1967 “six-day war” was between so-called Israel vs several Arab states. And on the side of Israel—was Iran. Because, at that time, Iran was under the iron-fist of a dictator installed by traitors in the United States government and USA’s puppet-state, Israel;
(5) USA’s Zionist-controlled media and Zionist-infested Congress recently declared that USA’s mercenaries must murder people in Iran, because supposedly Iran attacked Saudi Arabia—the nation that attacked the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.
This is why Zionists are so neurotic: their ongoing, worldwide lies and terrorism have become so complicated for them—yet so simple and obvious for everyone else—that they must spend their every waking moment hiding reality, shifting and stacking lies, pretending to believe each other, and condemning anyone who so much as points at the truth (all while also hiding the constant revelations of Zionist pedophile rings—in Hollywood and beyond).
This is also why USA’s Zionist-controlled media and Zionist-infested Congress spend so much time creating and amplifying any and every distraction, especially their addiction to terrorizing real or imagined opponents while sanctimoniously hiding behind laughably indefensible myths about Hitler, Nazis, Swastikas, the KKK, etc.—even as, every day, the atheistic pseudo-Jews in “Israel” terrorize actual Jews, in Israel and around the world.
But by this method, Zionists can—at best—only target various external threats and terrorize them into fear and silence. However, such Zionist terrorism does not touch—indeed only accelerates—the implosion of the atheist state of Israel and its extremely limited conspiracy cells of frantic, suicidal adherents and enablers.

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