Military veteran review of “Wrong side of Heaven” (video) by Five Finger Death Punch

The video:

The review:

As a military veteran, I can guarantee: the last thing that any veteran needs is the kind of veteran-worshiping political porn in this music video (and throughout pop-culture). To say the least: military recruiters, to lurch towards unrealistic recruitment quotas, readily recruit completely incompetent people—including women who are downright stunningly incompetent. These incompetent service members break easier than legitimate soldiers. For example, women physically break easier than men: their bones are not as dense. That is a matter of biology.

(As long as recruits break before the end of basic training—the armed forces just cast them adrift, many into a life of chronic pain from spectacular failure at obstacles they were never prepared to face. Meanwhile, countless service members break at some point after basic training, which complicates matters.)

Veteran suicide. Rampant suicide among veterans is a direct result of the massive disillusion faced by virtually all service members (except the most mindlessly whorish and sadistic), once they realize that they are not, in any sense, “protecting freedoms” and “upholding the constitution”: they are almost always nothing but over-worked, micro-managed political-prostitutes—trained to violently enforce international conspiracies among global elites. For more on this, search for “War is a racket,” by General Smedly Butler (the most decorated U.S. Marine in history during his time, and a two-time recipient of the Medal of Honor—one of which he tried to return).

Homeless vets. Most homeless in the U.S.—vets or not—have addicted themselves to life-destroying narcotics, especially as a way to self-medicate chronic mental and physical anguish—for vets, anguish brought by corruption in and around the U.S. military. Most homeless military vets suffer constant crisis from either or both (1) that disillusion of having been nothing but an over-worked, micro-managed political-prostitute; and (2) that self-medicating narcotics-addiction—for some, especially from time over seas (for example all the heroin used by U.S. servicemen in Vietnam, as they often just sat around bored—waiting for further orders of U.S. terrorism during a war of aggression that was based entirely on admitted Department of Defense lies regarding the Gulf of Tonkin).

Whistle-blowing. I was never a “whistler-blower” for the various things I saw while in the service during the late ’90s. However, traitors did threaten me with charges of mutiny and the like, which can carry lots of jail, even execution—for advising many miserable, disillusioned, even suicide service members to end their service contract early. I stepped away the military after less than two years, to avoid being caged or killed by the gang-leaders who run the military. On the other hand, when it comes to actual whistle-blowers in the military: just look at how the military and its handlers treated Bradley Manning, when he brought to light the treachery and treason among traitorous administrators in the armed forces.

Again: Veteran-porn like this music video (and so much else)—will solve nothing. Treating veterans (e.g. Chris Kyle) like celebrities—will solve nothing. Scapegoating mediocre millionaire mascots (e.g. Colin Kaepernick) for not properly worshiping certain cloth and anthems—will solve nothing.

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