Micro-managing children is abuse: Destructive central-planning of another’s mind and life

Nearly everyone agrees that neglecting a child is abuse (though opinions vary on when a “hands-off” approach tips into neglect). But plenty people welcome a certain kind of neglect, many even insisting upon it: the abuse of neglecting to provide a child with space to think.

The worst abusers of this kind hurry past passive neglect, and actively prevent a child’s space to think: forever rushing the kid from one cultural carnival to another—desperate to prove, to losers, that the child is not a loser.

The success of receiving sterile social-smiles

Nothing charms ignorant onlookers quite like when parents’ terrible priorities compel the parents to micro-manage their child in a way that makes their child masterful at some mediocre pseudo-skill:

“Wow! Look at that kid backflip on a backflipping dolphin while juggling flame-covered pictures of the kid backflipping on backflipping dolphins!”

Yeah…guess how much of the kid’s life was wasted on backflips with flaming dolphins—instead of being a happy kid.

Twilight of the Idols

“Where are they now?,” Marilyn vos Savant asks rhetorically of the many “genius kids” whom foolish adults had fetishized into masterful misery in a given era.

Vos Savant, herself a boss savant, scolds that manic parents—through reckless enablers in media, academia, and beyond—typically torment nearly all “child prodigies” into a bad childhood, a worse adolescence, a teenage retirement (cue the disappointed parasites), and—if all goes well and not, for example, suicidal—then the child settles into a “regression”: into the kind of normalcy that never won shrieks of fleeting acceptance from abusively parasitic parents at a spelling-bee world championship.

As the philosopher Alanis Morrisette satirized of certain abusive parents: “We’ll love you just the way you are—if you’re perfect.”

The parents often mean well? Well, the adage is that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Child-abuse as a national value

Every day, for generations, the slave-state of China has embodied the adage, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”: countless Chinese parents torture their kid into over-achievement for the greater good—and so China proudly produces far more dolphin-flip-kids (so-to-speak) than anywhere else in the world.

Meanwhile, China systematically mass-murders countless Chinese children—especially girls—to keep each other focused on frantically earning the privilege of life in China: a nation of sadistic, masochistic, insane, data-driven child-murderers.

Eventually over-achievement (or at least the fleeting appearance of it) became China’s national average. Now, many throughout the world barely blink when a bored, boring, book-smart, life-retarded, abused Chinese child can perform some pointless feat far faster—and stoicallier—than a normal, non-abused child.

National symptoms demonstrate a worldwide disease

China is nowhere near alone in its foolish, frantic bloodlust. The garbage nation of China is absolutely just a symptom. Whether through abortion, circumcision, or generalized micro-managing: throughout the world, bad parents sacrifice children’s minds and lives on the altar of bad culture—to alter fates passive-aggressively among fools. The evil of such strategy is only short of hell-on-earth.

Micro-managing children is abuse. It is the destructive, doomed central-planning of another’s mind and life. Only fools applaud it. Only cowards condone it.