Lincolns vs. Leons (1989)

In 1988, cops in Broward County, Florida, found a couple pounds of cocaine on a Greyhound bus. The cops took the powdered cocaine to a police lab—and cooked it into crack.
(The cops had decided against using the cocaine to entrap rich people in Broward county, who used expensive powdered cocaine recreationally. Instead, the cops’ goal—in manufacturing the cocaine into crack—was to make the cocaine more useful for entrapping poor people who were addicted to crack.)

In 1989, Broward Sheriff’s deputies began entrapping crack-addicts and passing them to Broward County State Attorneys, who rubber-stamped the crack-addicts into concrete cages for years.
In 1990, Florida cops, posing as crack dealers, lured crack-addict Leon Williams near a school—to enhance the criminal charges that prosecutors would later file against Williams. Police sold crack to Williams, then arrested Williams for buying crack—with the enhancement that Williams bought the crack near a school.
At court, Williams filed a motion to dismiss. The trial court denied the motion—declaring that “the Broward County Sheriff’s Office had manufactured crack cocaine for a legitimate law enforcement purpose.”
Williams appealed to the district court, which reversed the conviction, stating that the police cannot break drug laws as a means to enforce drug laws.
Prosecutors appealed the case to the Florida Supreme Court, which upheld the reversal—siding with Williams, in a case called State of Florida v. Leon Williams, 623 So. 2d 462 (Fla. 1993).
You can read the case here:
And yes: Leon is a descendant of the slaves that Lincoln’s USA “freed.”

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