Kim Davis meets Jesus

One day in Kentucky, Kim Davis was passing out marriage licenses to normal people. Along came two sodomites, who were addicted to mimicking procreation with each other’s rectum. Davis, firm in her faith in a fag-hating God, declared, “I am the law!,” and told the sodomites to leave.

In that same moment, Jesus appeared before them all. Every knee bowed, and every tongue confessed to God. Davis proudly ran up to Jesus and said, “Hey, dude! I just kicked out those faggots! Pretty cool, right?” Jesus turned and saw the sodomites, then looked back at Davis. “Whose seal is on that marriage license,” Jesus asked her. Davis replied: “Lord, it is the seal of the state of Kentucky.” Jesus took the marriage license from Davis and told her: “Render unto Kentucky that which is Kentucky’s.” Jesus handed Kentucky’s marriage license to the two self-destructive, God-hating sodomites, whose breath smelled of feces and semen. Then Jesus turned back to Davis and said, “God forth—and sin no more.”

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