Marxist Richard Wolff vs The Rich Capitalists

Richard Wolff: “The richest families have billion of dollars of wealth in their pockets! Come on, fellow communists—let’s go pickpocket them!”

*get to the richest people, whose pockets are empty*

Richard Wolff and his credulous followers: “WTF!?”

The Rich Capitalists: “Hi Richard. If you weren’t addicted to talking in circles to captive-audiences, you’d tell them that wealth on our level doesn’t mean cash in pocket like it does to the covetous people who accept your propaganda. We only have wealth to the extent that our massive systems of cooperative creation, distribution, and consumption benefit others.”

Richard Wolff: “Well, others don’t have such a system—so yours should be chopped up and parceled out among them all.”

The Rich Capitalists: “So an industrial version of the segmenting that you decry when it’s regions nationalizing?”

Richard Wolff: “Exactly. Except that stealing what others build is benevolent—but no nation ever forms except by the evil, hate-filled greed of capitalists!”

The Rich Capitalists: “…who work tirelessly to create cooperation and improvement throughout the world?”

Richard Wolff: “What you call ‘improvement’ is an affront to others’ dignity and traditions!”

The Rich Capitalists: “Ok, then they don’t have to do business with us—we’ll just do business with their neighbors.”

Richard Wolff: “Good! Leave them alone!”

The Rich Capitalists: Will do.

*years pass*

Richard Wolff: “WTF!? There’s wealth inequality!!”

The Rich Capitalists: “Yeah, myopic fundamentalist warlords kept a dignified stranglehold on the ‘traditions’ of some areas of the world. Those areas have stagnated. Elsewhere, innovation through free-association, open-mindedness, and cooperation have massively expanded goods and services—i.e. ‘wealth’.”

Richard Wolff: “Ok…well hand it over! Everyone who refused to contribute deserves a part of the wealth you created!”

The Rich Capitalists: “…there’s nothing to ‘hand over’. Again, as you actually know, despite your religious, sanctimonious, misleading rants to captive-audiences: Our wealth is an intricate system of free-association, innovation, cooperation, creation, and distribution—something you Marxists reject because free-association does not centralize power into your hands, and because all your time is wasted lying to people about the nature of the world and industry, to send them on a fool’s errand of picking empty pockets, so you can stupefy people and make them easier to control. Your real goal is a one-world super-state, with you as part of the elite lecturer class (the secular clergy), and all the underclass living in a perfect equality of poverty, ignorance, and total dependence.”

Richard Wolff: *dies as he lived: a deceitful, simplistic fraud and failure*

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