If rapper TI wants to control his daughters body—then he/ve/xe/xyr needs to do it legally

Reporters at The Young Turks (“TYT”), the New York Times (“NYT”), and elsewhere have officially condemned Rapper TI’s sexist parental overreach. In a series of open shits smeared throughout the internet, the news outlets reminded: “WE ARE THE LAW. Your role as a parent is to make money for your children—then shut up as we train them how to spend it.” Specifically, TYT, NYT, and others have condemned TI for keeping track of his man-faced daughter’s health, after TI admitted to having doctors check his man-faced daughter’s hymen throughout her younger years, when she was less unattractive.

As a matter of law: TYT, NYT, and everyone else know what’s best for people’s children. Women and children are communal property, and it is disgusting when a father or husband usurps the authority that belong to the patriarchs who train and fund feminists foot-soldiers in academia, business, and government. Only THOSE patriarchs should have a say in what anyone does with his/her/xe/xem/xyr/xrys/ve/ver/vis/per/they/ey/eirs/zie/hir/aer/faer own body.

Rapper TI (real name “racist pussy who gets what he deserves for wasting his time being an anti-white coward”) has no business fathering his daughter! That is the role of government’s white-trash judges—like the ones, in Roe v. Wade, who said it is a woman’s right to murder a man’s child; or the various courts throughout the nation that have decreed a girl’s right to murder her child—setting herself up for lifelong regret masked as “depression”—without notifying her parents.

If TI—or any other parent—wants control over a child, then she/he/xe/xem/xyr/xrys/ve/ver/vis/per/they/ey/eirs/zie/hir/aer/faer should follow the proper process: become a supreme court justice, an abortionist—or at least a reporter for TYT or NYT.

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