Thanks to self-hate and social surrogacy: women are now allowed to pretend they are men

During the transition into our modern utopia, feminists obeyed the marching-orders of their dueling socialist patriarchs—decrying that women were “kept in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant.”

Those feminists then inherited their own slavish pawns.
No longer in the kitchen: commodified, over-worked, constantly angry, constantly afraid, miserable—empowered;
No longer barefoot: Their feet bound and deformed from constant foot-gloves;
No longer pregnant: women sterilized and taught to hate children (i.e. life).
The patriarchs and their feminist pawns then imported Mexican slaves to provide meals, childcare, and many other forms of social surrogacy during the empowered death-march.
We are all empowered by the useful indoctrination of women into an addiction where they pretend to hate men—while really hating themselves for their natural qualities and limitations. We are all empowered by the myths of gender equality. This is not a tower of cards.

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