BREAKING NEWS: Blacks Black-list Black for Blacking-out on another Black! (Condescending White-trash Savior Offers its Condescending White-trash Cash for Condescending White-trash Court)

The Information:

(1) At a high school in Madison, WI, a black student called a black security guard a “nigga”;

(2) The security guard, Marlon Anderson, responded “don’t call me a ‘nigga'”;

(3) The blacks who run the Madison Metropolitan School District fired the security guard for breaching a “no-tolerance” policy for the mythical n-word (a word whose massive mythology exists purely to addict and destroy USA’s least-principled blacks by teaching a pitiful and fake sense of moral-superiority, and to pretend (a) that there was a difference, for slaves, between the North and South during the War of Northern Aggression, and (b) that there is a difference now, for modern slaves, between the two faces of USA’s uniparty);

(4) A bunch of black (and white) Journalists wrote laughably irrelevant and inaccurate news about the situation;

(5) Headlines like Washington Post’s “Black high school security guard fired after telling student not to call him the n-word” helped plenty to assume (and pretend) that the black student was a white student;

(6) The black security guard, in an interview, said he thought the rule was that only the school’s white employees could not say “nigga”;

(7) Some cartoonishly plastic white-trash celebrity (Cher) offered to pay the legal fees if the black guy decides to sue the black people for enforcing some black rule about a black myth;

(8) The blacks gave the black his job back;

(9) A bunch of black (and white) nerds celebrated.

The Message:

“We, the media, can report absolutely any racially-charged non-story, and it becomes newsworthy, simply because we say so. And with this ability, we will distract for any real news that our handlers want us to hide.”

The Pawns:

“OMG! This is worse than the time that black cops in a super-majority black city with a black Police Chief, black mayor, and mostly-black city council—allegedly killed a black drug-dealer.” (AKA the Freddie Gray fiasco.)

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