Constitutional “Originalism” as the original Feminism (i.e. a stupid lie that no one really believes)

Wise, manly men talk as simply as possible—and no simpler. But foolishly womanish men (and foolish women, usually through venal manservants and other patriarchal political-chaperones) either oversimplify else overcomplicate—whichever form of lie better serves to obscure truth and rob justice.

After all, a fool is a fool not by earnest mistakes, but rather by a stubborn stupidity born of cowardice, sloth, envy—addicting the fool to a wastefulness that seems an endless volley between overreaction and justification; but the justifications for the overreactions are never just—only ever another, deeper overreaction. Thus the seeming volley between overreaction and justification is really a stacking of successive, interconnected overreations—building a tower of cards, where each card is but blatant, flagrant, self-defeating hypocrisy.

Moreover, no man is more womanish—i.e. more flagrantly and implosively hypocritical—than the so-called constitutional “Originalist.” Originalists hold, generally, that the U.S. Costitution holds subsequent generations to the Constitution “as originally understood.”

The hyper-socialized will appreciate Lysader Spooner’s myriad autistic reiterations against the fake chains of Originalism, in The Constitution of no Authority (1867).

Setting aside hyper-socialized cowards, who feel safe only by masochistically over-proving their points: when founding the nation, Jefferson made clear in the Declaration of Independence that the new Constitution was descriptive (is) only of the obvious—and normative (should) of everything else:

(1) God created all men and women as equal (Genesis 1:27);
(2) God endowed all men and women with certain unalienable rights (e.g. life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, rule over the beasts of the earth);
(3) these God-given rights are secured by government that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed;
(4) AND whenever any form of government becomes destructive to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, etc.—it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish the government, and to institute new government with a foundation of principles and organization that seem, to the new framers, most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

The essence of the United States is not the pedantic gulags of sadistically servile, self-important, deceitful conservatism: the true essence of the founding and of the Constitution is an unfolding of liberal agency and its resultant, federated free-associations; and this essence leaves no room for respecting the lumbering, groundless calls for “Originalism.”

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