Principles of Feminism

Feminism has no principles. At some point it may have, as when brats among the bored, boring female aristocracy first began begging each other’s fathers for the “equality” of forcing mid-tier men to trick-shuffle the social-deck and place more sterilized, cotton-crammed women towards the top.

But after anointed daughters and mistresses overtook patriarchs’ competitors in all moderate and symbolic authority and allowance that can survive a womanish dearth of accountability (and plenty authority that cannot), patriarchs pivoted their fatuous feminist footsoldiers — revising the battlewhine from “equality” to “equity” and “empowerment.”

Feminists then furthered their fraud by reiterating, against all available sanity, that Feminism is “the aim for equality between the sexes” — with an obvious addendum: that the weaker sex should be more equal.

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