White Lies & Black Truths: History of the United Slave States of America & Agent MLK (SFTU 2335)

*First published on Feb 22, 2018

“Crucify Abernathy!”,[1] shrieked the brainwashed black woman, mentally retarded by mythology surrounding degenerate fraud, and United Slave States of America puppet, Michael King.

(Martin Luther King Jr’s real name was Michael King[2] before changed as a PR campaign to mislead desperate black people at anti-thought churches.)

The crime for which Reverend Ralph Abernathy supposedly deserved death: recounting, in his autobiography, “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down,” that Michael King AKA MLK had beaten one of the prostitutes with whom King and Abernathy had been consorting on the night before King suffered his well-deserved death.

The United slave States of America loves enforcing, onto Black Americans, low expectations and low standards, especially by way of ridiculous narratives such as the fabricated Legacy of Michael King.

Countless white, colorless, soulless anti-culture outlets help to sustain the MLK mythology: No less a pop-culture trough than the laughable leftist echo-chamber Snopes, through its prostitute loving[3] founder David Mikkelson, rated as “mostly false”[4] a series of accurate accusations as to King’s fraudulence and degeneracy, even as the Snopes article itself in fact conceded every single accusation against King — while simply adding a series of irrelevant “yeah but” arguments.

And no less than Uncle Tom agent than journalist William Raspberry, writing for the Chicago Tribune, said of Abernathy: “The man who was King’s most trusted friend succeeded in doing what King’s bitter enemies could not accomplish.”[5] This, in an article whorishly titled “Ralph David Abernathy’s Betrayal of his Trusting Friend,” which describes Abernathy as jealous, greedy, and mentally weak: the milk calling the Snow White.

And while greed is hard to measure, videoed interview of Abernathy yet exists which shows him, to an objective Observer, as anything but jealous and mentally weak.

Moreover, anyone doubting that Raspberry’s defamation of Abernathy was anything other than political prostitution — they need just considered, 3 days after the controlled Chicago Tribune published Raspberry’s nonsense, Abernathy’s words in an interview with C-SPAN: “I supported Ronald Reagan because he is talking about jobs and income…, and I believe that young black people should participate in both parties. The Republican party has too long ignored us and the Democratic party has taken us for granted.”[6]

Clearly, Uncle Tom Raspberry’s problem was that Abernathy was threatening to encourage blacks to explore outside the Democrat Plantation.

Such hope for political exploration transcends Abernathy: such hope was wasted also by black supporters of the last several false-idols of the United Slave States of America:

-Obama in orange-face (i.e Trump);

-George W bush in mulatto-face (i.e. Obama); Clinton in Republic-face (i.e. George W Bush);

-George HW Bush in Democrat-face (i.e. Bill Clinton);

-Reagan in Texas-face (i.e. George HW Bush).

And Reaganism was simply a useful expansion of the United Slave States of America’s policies, foreign and domestic:

-Force citizens into war[7];

-Abandon shell-shocked veterans after the war, condemning countless to self-medicate with certain drugs[8];

-Criminalize the drugs used by abandoned and shell-shocked veterans, preventing treatment, thus condemning countless veterans, who were forced into war, to a life of either or both homelessness and incarceration.[9]

And for those who do not understand the link between (1) rewriting history to gaslight and scapegoat blacks; (2) pretending political choice to gaslight and scapegoat the poor; (3) stunning hypocrisy to gaslight and scapegoat veterans, remember: these relatively helpless demographics are simply the canaries in the coal mines — the test-cases to maintain the worldwide slave-state.

Sources and References

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8. For information about the link between combat trauma and so-called Substance Abuse, see PTSD and Substance Abuse in Veterans, through the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center for PTSD: http://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/problems/ptsd_substance_abuse_veterans.asp.

9. For more information about homeless veterans, see The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans: http://www.nchv.org.

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