The Alvin Kennard canard (violent criminal was not violently criminal enough for uneffected liberal lunatics)

With their endless addiction to earning attention and money by lying to people, countless media-prostitutes throughout the nation are trivializing the previous violent criminality of newly-freed Alvin Kennard of Alabama.

Kennard, to hear presstitutes tell it, was caged 36 years for “stealing $50 from a bakery.” Some reporters trivialized the situation further by pointing out that the theft was $50.75, planting images of a guy grabbing bills and coins out of a cash register; and the constant reiteration of “at a bakery” clearly serves, in this day and age, to frame the event as more silly than serious: “At a bakery!? What, was he hungry!?”

Meanwhile, in the real world: Kennard had no less than three felonies on his record already at the time that he threatened bakery workers with a deadly weapon to force their compliance during his armed robbery. He only got fifty bucks — and that is irrelevant. The operative elements were (1) the violence inherent in Kennard’s crime, and (2) Kennard’s history of serious crimes.

Alabama had a Habitual Offenders law; apparently no longer. And now people who never had to weather the Alvin Kennards of the world are pretending that Kennard’s sentence was wildly out-of-proportion to his many, ongoing crimes.

Well then what if the violent robbery had been not his 4th but 5th felony? Or 6th? Or 7th? At what point are citizens allowed, through law enforcement, to protect themselves permanently from violent people who constantly break laws?

More than zero weak-minded, racist losers among news outlets have focused on Kennard’s black skin as a reason his sentence was harsh. As always, such racists fail to acknowledge that a repetitively criminal black is usually victimizing other blacks. So the logic becomes that the act of victimizing blacks is more harshly punished than the act of victimizing whites. And again: how many blacks must be victimized before a criminal black deserves punishment?

In the end, it is always some white-trash liberal, or the white-washed black pet of some white-trash liberal: they are the ones who insist that punishing crime is a crime. Virtually never do the white-trash media outlets cite actual victims of crime as experts on “criminal justice reform”: the supposed experts are always the teammates of one degenerate criminal or another — “experts” who have never had to risk pointing out their abuser from a line-up, or worry about being harassed and threatened for cooperating with an investigation against some scum, or bury a loved one.

As to Alvin Kennard: reports are that he spent his time in jail bettering himself. If so, then good for him, and thus he likely will make the best out of his opportunity for freedom. But neither he nor society benefits from lazy, lying, liberal media that pretend Alvin Kennard was a victim in the matter.

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