Rich White Psychiatrist with No Black Neighbors Reminds Facebook about Remedial African Genius who Read a Book

On August 31, 2019, Walter E. Jacobson, MD, (among thousands of others) parroted non-news from “” about a Malawian teen named William Kamkwamba. The post says: “A Malawian teenager taught himself how to build a windmill out of junk and bring power to his village. Share this. Let’s make him famous because the media won’t.”

Meanwhile, in the real world: Malawi is a hellhole infested with disease and superstition. But at some point, the benevolent United States government donated some books to Malawi’s libraries. One donated book was about physics and included diagrams for how to build a windmill. Eventually, Kamkwamba (setting aside his self-described lifelong indoctrination in mysticism and other foolishness) read the book, followed its meticulous instructions, and made a windmill, according to Kamkwamba’s ghost-written 2009 autobiography, “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.”

Thereafter, several sentimental, condescending members of the Western world that had gutted Africa for centuries — their minds dripping with the racism of low expectation — they trumpeted the meager (yet impressive) feat of the African boy: ridiculously heralding him as a “genius” and an “inventor” for his physics-by-numbers.

Then, more than a decade later, the story reemerged on Facebook as a mythical tale of black ingenuity — including by a post from Walter E. Jacobson MD, a rich white psychiatrist who, according to his Yelp reviews, makes more than zero of his patients “uncomfortable due to his blunt sarcastic condescending attitude,” and has caused more than zero of his prospective patients to comment: “I have never met a person let alone a psychiatrist Who is as abrasive and rude as this human being over text. I had a couple questions about pricing and he told me that I was ‘taking up too much of his time’ and he ‘did not like my attitude’ when all I did was ask a few quick questions. . . . I cannot believe the unprofessionalism.”

When not charming his clients or echoing condescending myths about black kids, Dr. Jacobson enjoys his life in Agoura Hills, California — with its $900,000 median house-prices, and its %1 black population.


The mutual masturbation continued on Facebook and beyond among digital-slot-machine addicts, forever frantically clinging momentarily to whichever myth arrived moment-to-moment on their digital dopamine-syringes.

And they lived happily ever after…then died alone and miserable — as millions continued dying in Africa and elsewhere by preventable and treatable disease, and from starvation brought by the worldwide selling of food as “biofuel” for proud Westerners who were saving the world — by spiking food prices which created food riots among desperate, starving Africans.

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