In a Time of Slaves and Devils

Slick devils, playing God, built a shiny, sickly tower of cards, on the backs of blacks from every race.

A sly proclamation of emancipation lengthened some devils’ chains, but left plenty chains as short as ever.

The devils’ Supreme Court later codified that blacks, without blinding white intervention, were retarded.

Devils chained undesirables to countless race-neutral, class-based wars.

Devils caged all dissenters equally.

As a calculated concession, to buy themselves time while distracting from ceaseless foreign and domestic terrorism, devils decreed that the slave-classes must mix.

Routinely, the devils shuffled the slaves: ordaining, as slave-leaders, the most despised from among the slaves; then monitored slave-areas for any sign of dissent, and publicly punished anything but absolute docility.

Devils established the mandatory rights of sterility and infanticide, and solemly rewarded all manner of self-destruction among the slaves.

Devils spent the next era rewarding each other with trophies and titles, while booby-trapping their lairs with useful pets, either large or crafty, from among the most obedient, controllable, servile slaves.

Throughout, and until the end, the devils desperately depended on their ability to lie loudly, far, and wide in order to cling to their myth that they had made a meritocracy.

Gradually, the devils’ pets learned the devils’ cannibalism — and then their were too many cannibals and not enough sheep.

Swiftly, the devils’ shiny, sickly tower of cards collapsed.

Throughout the collapse, and during many attempts at reconstruction, many devils of many types sought to reinvent the tower, which impeded the rebirth of civilization.

Eventually, gradually, and quietly: collectives of good people gravitated together — instituting new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as seemed most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

The devils’ that arose from time to time taught their pets and peasants to rage against those governments of freedom and to terrorize the self-freed people.

Quietly from among the new governments grew guardians, taught to act without warning, word, or record: to end devils and their accomplices — by any means necessary. The most effective means was to leverage the devils’ addiction to cannibalism.

Eventually, the devils’ last celebrity was silently strangled with the entrails of the devils’ last politician.

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