Pothead Pied-piper Job Rogan solves the world with Candace and Herbert

Sexy cutter: painted, suicidal pornstar Miriam Weeks poses with her legs covered by self-inflicted knife-wounds

Whether political-parties or porn, the genetic suicide of abortion or the mental suicide of a Joe Rogan podcast: to learn a lot, simply stare a little longer than the pushers have scheduled for their props and lighting — and the effects, if not the purposes, of these endless, poisonous causes sink to the surface.

Some Greek homo named Suckrates drinks a goblet of horse cum while all his underage boyfriends get boners

Making the worse appear the better cause — the weaker argument appear the stronger; corrupting the youth: these were among the charges for which Athenians infamously bade Socrates’ self-murder. Yet after limp bookworms limp through Plato’s nihilistic, homoerotic, envious odes to the notoriously jejune and mischievous Greek, Socrates’s real impression reveals: that he, by the strongest word which is deed, agreed with the sentencing — that the rot of his masturbatory rabble-rousing paled to Athens as a system.

The Honorable Tim Scott: Senator, Republican, Stinky Nigger

Thus do dueling, pale billionaires from either face of USA’s uniparty argue over which grin hated “nigxxr” first, and who now hates it most.

#Art, courtesy of “BrutalRape.me”

Thus do the popularizers and toleraters of porn confidently stride the political moment’s chronological tightrope which separates innocent, pure, protected children from sexy whores acting out rape scenes and contracting permanent disease from sucking their own shit off dozens of dicks in a healthily mature, consensual gangbang.

#Privacy #Women’sHealth #Choice #AnythingButMurder

Thus does a cowardly, tortured mother beg the men of government to save her from the genetic terrorism of a lesser man, through a safe, legal, gentle womb-reset — where the mother’s soul inhales his child’s robbed potential as lifelong depression: shame and self-hatred that she must mask every day — indeed, every moment.

Candace Owens apes to Joe Rogan about the importance of bravely narcissistic conformity

Thus does Job Rogan, with the voice of a lumberjack Kermit-the-frog, praise Candace Owens for “not caring what people think” — in an era punctuated by the mainstream marketing of a myriad frantic narcissists who cannot navigate sustained thought about anything whatsoever, much less about something so mundane as the emotional graphics for the NPCs outside of player one’s solipsism.

Two bald white guys planning to save the world by: “something somthing…LEGALIZE WEED!!”

Thus does Herbert wow Joe with the hip, fresh idea of laboriously inventing and broadcasting basic conversations, where the apex of each episode is that the chatterers “create common ground.”

On swelled the swamp of high, high-minded social-cannibals: each spending a lifetime to perfect lying to itself.

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