Benefit of Chaining Women’s Livelihood to Expensive Schooling

Seas of educational graveyards haunted the matron volunteers, whose vow of hatred towards their own progeny qualified them as ideal: thence did they deserve to serve the progeny of their benevolent betters.

Then years of teaching her what to think, as a tactic to prevent her from learning how to think: Endless iterations of indoctrination in academic harems — fortresses bustling with listless, list-laden, cotton-crammed she-students and their pseudo-tudor tutor eunuchs.

For society, the arduous mass-production of women as knowledgeable fools and neurotic frauds was always cost-prohibitive, in a strictly economic sense; yet the pyramid schemed princely, creating a revolving door for shaved, shiny, painted, sterilized, upper-tier puppeteers: desperate, docile debtors, prim and primed to pool ever more power to the flailing, pallid patriarchs, in a cultural coffin littered with the dead, defeated potential of countless manic, miserable women addicted to pity, flattery, and distraction — addicted, lifelong, to the many patented pills and platitudes that lured each wretch into proudly ignoring her sad, slow suicide.

One thought on “Benefit of Chaining Women’s Livelihood to Expensive Schooling

  1. Indeed brother .. Indeed .. These woman wanted equal rights for equal pay instead pdf being pampered by the man as a stay at home mother…. They never had it so damn good in the 1950S and 60s … Freedom To Fasism Aaron Ruso proves the Rockefellers staged this FEMINISM LIE of EQUAL PAY and for woman it was to be able to tax both woman and men equally ….. YEP debt slaves times 2
    When the whole goddamn scheme was about chaining the woman to a dead end career where its guaranteed the SUICIDE of their personal lives erode into 4 cats and SLOW DEATH of a wasted life without kids and a family …. FRAUD BASED EDUCATIONS that brainwash the idiot females into truly believing they can have it all … When even the men never had it all ……accept for slave labor and an indentured servitude SLAVE WAGE for super fucking dangerous work …so there will never be and equal playing field for woman and men based on that fact alone
    High risk professions still require a man to accomplish and with very little KUDOS … Same job if a woman did it would need fan fare …Full court press FEMINIST tooting their horns as if its a huge achiever to pretend their have dicks…
    I call this piece .. PENIS ENVY…..these bitches are clueless …even in 2019…. Think coal mining in the 1920s
    again great post


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