When loser #Me too women deface the memory of real women

Once upon a time, a cynical Chicago Tribune journalist reported on her disappointment about some women getting away with murder. Then that reporter, Maureen Dallas Watkins, wrote the travesty as a 1920’s theater play about corruption and injustice.

Nearly a century later, a cult from a culture of satanic woman-sterilizers and child-murderers reimagined the play as a film about the empowerment of sassy, murderous women — and called the movie Chicago (2002).

Then in 2019, at the height of an anti-justice, misandrist craze among penis-envying loser women — a couple of mediocre, infantile she-reporters for the Chicago Tribune compiled some information about Watkins, grafted on their own little anti-man she-cause, and then packaged it as “He Had It Coming: Four Murderous Women and the Reporter Who Immortalized Their Stories.”

Then, after a life constant lying to others and themselves: the two boring, man-hating bitches curled up and died alone and unloved — just as they had earned, and just as they deserved.

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