Top 9 Lessons learned from the life of Jeffrey Epstein

Today, the honest and accurate mainstream media are all reporting the jailhouse “suicide” of lone-wolf Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire atheist Jew who made a fortune by providing child-sex slaves to other rich, powerful atheist Jews. Following are the top 9 lesson learned from the life of child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

(9) age-of-consent laws are for not for rich atheist Jews who can afford their own private island;

(8) if you are a billionaire atheist Jew, and you stock your private island with underage girls, then rich and powerful atheist Jews will pay you lots of money if you let them have have sex with the children on your island;

(7) if your powerful atheist Jew lawyer client Alan Dershowitz is caught paying you for sex with your children, then he will pitifully toss out thin non-excuses until the mainstream media, overwhelmingly controlled by atheist Jews, simply stops asking about Dershowitz’s sex with children;

(6) when honorary atheist Jew President Bill Clinton is not biting Mexican women while he rapes them — he is on the private island of a billionaire atheist Jew, clinging onto feeling young by ejaculating inside children;

(5) litigious atheist Jew pedophiles are crafty enough to locate their child-sex slavery operations in places where legal jurisdiction will be complicated, in case they are ever caught;

(4) if the child-prostitution ring of a billionaire atheist Jew implicates enough rich and powerful atheist Jews, then the rich and powerful child-sex clients will simply burn down the island to destroy all the evidence, then murder pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein while he is in prison, to prevent him from implicating his rich, powerful atheist Jew child-sex clients;

(3) atheist Jews (the kind who torch islands and murder their pedophile pimps to hide their crimes) will continue their obvious myths of projection, where they pretend that the reason there is precisely zero physical evidence for their Holocaust myths — is because Nazis, in the fog of war and during frantic defeat, thought, “Let’s not fight or flee — let’s spend all our time (impossibly) destroying every single piece of physical evidence that points to the massive mass-murder of which we are so nationally proud; that way we can talk our way out of the upcoming kangaroo-court put on by Stalinists and Zionists — who will torture us into ‘confessing’ whatever they want us to say anyway”;

(2) the Zionist-controlled media will leverage billionaire atheist Jew Jeffrey Epstein’s “toxic-masculinity” and “suicide” and lone-wolf pedophile ring to talk about the importance of teaching women and children to hate and fear men generally, and thus to welcome an escalation of USA’s police state — all of which will be used to distract from ongoing worldwide terrorism implemented by a United States Congress controlled by anti-life, anti-truth, murderous, atheist socialists who currently occupy Palestine, daily torment religious Jews, and conspire for a world plagued by endless war;

And the number one lesson learned from the life of Jeffrey Epstein:

Anyone who connects these obvious dots and communicates the situation effectively enough to bring attention to it: they will be branded “antisemitic” by the mainstream media and the United States congress — both of which are entirely infested with, and controlled by, satanic atheist Jews.

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