How to be a Nazi, according to anti-Nazis

“Alright! We’re Nazis, and it’s time for our Final Solution! So let’s take these millions of people and sort them all out.

“First let’s sort all the homosexuals, pedophiles, and rapists — and give them all pink triangles.

“Then let’s take the Jehovah’s Witnesses and give them all purple triangles.

“Then let’s take the foreigners and immigrants — and give them all blue triangles.

“Then let’s take all the criminals and give them all green triangles.

“Then let’s take the communists, freemasons, socialists and such — and give them all red triangles.

“Then let’s take the disabled, the pacifists, lesbians, addicts, gypsies — and give them all black triangles.

“Then, after sorting the millions of people — let’s throw them all in ovens!”

—Nazis, according to Stalinists, and according also to Americans who dropped nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians, and according to the socialist atheists who currently occupy Palestine, daily torment religious Jews, and conspire for endless war.

Also Nazis, in Auschwitz-Birkenau: “Hang those 12 prisoners because 3 others escaped! And hang those 5 guys for trying to escape! And hang those 4 Jewish women for supplying explosives to mutineers! Then kill everyone else for no reason! RAWR! We’re Nazis!!!”

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