Affirmative Consent: Yet more ABA corruption

“It is important to consider the totality of the behavior of both a defendant and a victim in the context of all the circumstances.”

—The American Bar Association (ABA), commission on domestic and sexual violence, criminal justice section, civil rights and social justice section, report to the house of delegates, resolution 114, page 5 (recommending so-called “affirmative consent” as the legal standard for adjudication of an allegation of rape — whereby a man, if accused, must somehow prove he is not a rapist) (submitted by Mark I. Schickman, i.e. some fat old Jewish lawyer who almost certainly has never had exciting sex in his entire life; and Lucian Dervan, i.e. some word-out, cynical supposed-expert on plea bargaining, who impossibly cannot recognize the massive amounts of plea-bargained false-accusations of rape that would certainly occur if society were to adopt the foolish, misandrist, unconstitutional standard of “affrimative consent”).

The ABA is hyper-politicized, officially pro-homosexual, and officially pro-child-murder; and all states but California have designated the ABA as the sole gatekeeper for accrediting the law schools which gatekeep the legal allowance to “be a lawyer,” i.e. to educate and to advise in matters of the laws to which we are all held, thus to which we obviously should all have access.

Now, the pro-homosexuality, pro-child-murder ABA advances resolution 114, which would legally define all sex as rape unless the penis-less participant gives a formal declaration of consent to the penis-possessor; and in the resolution, the two ABA slugs term the man, by default, as “defendant,” and the woman, by default, as “victim.”
#GuiltyUntilProvenInnocent #DisbandTheABA #HoldWomenToObjectiveLegalStandardsOrRampantFalseAccusationsWillContinue

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