Heroic white, man-hating lesbian cop attacks dangerous black man for possibly stealing food (RE: Shannon Diedrich vs Julius Haddison-Fondanui Tasha)

In early August, 2019, a black man named Julius Haddison-Fondanui Tasha was possibly stealing food at a gas station in St. Paul, Minnesota. But thankfully an overpaid, off-duty, man-hating, lesbian she-cop, Shannon Diedrich, was carefully monitoring the dark, dangerous black man’s every dark, dangerous move.

When the black criminal walked near the door, the white hero sprang into heroic lesbian action: using the big-girl voice she learned during her two years of cop-prep as a she-jailer, the dyke nagged whitely at the dangerous nigger, then grabbed his shirt and yanked on it — just as she had been thoroughly trained to treat niggers during her time as a prison-guard.

Then horrible equality struck, as the out-of-control savage struck the brave little lesbian — three times, right in her handsome crew-cut. The violent mud-man was later charged with Assault In The Fourth Degree On a Peace Officer (MN stat. 609.2231), even though no reasonable stretch of the imagination could consider Diedrich’s angry little off-duty lesbian tirade to have constituted “effecting a lawful arrest or executing any other duty imposed by law,” as required for a just charge under the statute.

White devil cops nevertheless caged the dangerous nigger, because white devil cops are “tough on crime” — except when the crime is a violent, man-hating lesbian attacking a black man for maybe trying to steal food.

Later, St. Paul’s womanish, white-trash Police Chief Todd Axtell praised the tenacity of the weak, angry violent, lesbian she-cop:

“I’m thankful for she-Officer Shannon ‘delusional dyke’ Diedrich’s tenacity to earn a whole lot of money, off-duty, by patrolling the snack section of a gas station to prevent poor black men from sneaking off with food — she is truly doing lesbian god’s work,” tearfully cheered Chief Axtell, while pinning the “golden strapon distinguished service” medal to Diedrich’s police bikini flannel, in recognition of Diedrich’s heroic man-hating penis-envy.

The chief then reaffirmed his commitment to white-trash identity-politics: “I pledge to hire as many incompetent, man-hating lesbians as it takes to heal the world,” declared Axtell, whose academic pedigree includes a Criminal Justice degree from St. Paul’s prestigious Metropolitan State University, which boasts the impressive exclusivity of a 100% acceptance rate; and a master’s degree in “Police Leadership, Administration and Education” from the University of Saint Thomas, a brothel of cafeteria-Catholics in St. Paul, whose first she-President, Julie Sullivan, blasphemed in 2015 that Catholics are called to encourage the slow-suicide and anti-life hobbies of people who decide to waste their life through same-sex mimicry of procreation.

The birth of a man-hating hero

Growing up, she was far too weak to be accepted by guys as a peer, and far too ugly and annoying to be a love-interest for any worthwhile guy — so Shannon Diedrich decided to develop the gay gene, to hate men, and to spend the rest of her penis-envying life getting revenge on any man she could.

After graduating from the Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota, which boasts the impressive exclusivity of a 100% acceptance rate, Diedrich was hired by Ramsey County as a correctional officer, where she lived out her sad, sick, penis-envying dream of picking on caged, helpless men.

After two-years of that dyke paradise, and being paid more than her male coworkers for far less work, Diedrich received an Affirmative Action hire from the St. Paul Police Department, which aims for “diversity and inclusion” yet has historically suffered from a lack of representation of Minnesota’s large population of suicidal, mediocre, man-hating, penis-envying lesbians.

After her hire onto St. Paul’s police force, Diedrich immediately hit the streets, and began taking back justice — for herself, and all other heroic, hate-filled lesbians similarly situated.

Then, one day, dangerous food-thief nigger Julius Haddison-Fondanui Tasha made the worst mistake of his dark, dangerous life: he wandered into the pure, white sights of heroic, man-hating, lesbian she-cop Shannon Diedrich…


Meanwhile, comment sections are abuzz with the healthy, measured perspectives that predictably come from (((Mara H. Gottfried))) regurgitating police press-releases as if they are news, while taking valuable time away from her stellar journalism, which includes reporting that someone had “uttered bad words” and “referenced Mexican heritage.”

The future is surely in good hands with these gentlemen and scholars.

Oh, and Philando Castile is still dead.


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