Twilight of the Social-Cannibals

In a time when currency among morally constipated citizenries meant the mint of the most murderous mobs; when success was but the blessing of godless, rusting gatekeepers; when delayed gratification became, for most, forgone gratification: social-cannibalism pervaded the “wealthy” and “successful,” who were called the “best.”

The best called their cannibalism by many euphemisms: health, privacy, choice, women’s rights. The social-cannibals called their slaughter almost anything but what it was: mass-murder for expedience, convenience, and commerce.

And the best during that bright and blinding blight were those most morally and mentally constipated — and instantly recognizable by their proud lust for money.

The best Jews were all atheists, having addicted themselves to faith that they had outgrown faith. They spent their time frantically seeking and hoarding power, criminalizing the mention of their hoarded power, and terrorizing each other into hyper-competition, just as their loveless, barbaric mothers had terrorized them into an addiction to hyper-success.

The best Asians in Asia murdered their daughters to get ahead, then bequeathed, to their many male heirs, the doom of an impossibility to proceed genetically. Whereas wealthy and successful Asians outside of Asia leveraged their specks of wealth and success to barter for sexual tolerance, mostly from embarrassed European women with few alternatives and even less self-respect. Eventually, the most entrepreneurial of diasporic Asians thought to bring about breeding-farms: selling and renting Asian girls to the Asian sons of last generation’s girl-murderers — complementing the Asians’ many massive worldwide child-sex-slavery operations which, until then, had traded mostly in the flesh of other races.

The best Africans, fashionably retarded and with a retarded sense of fashion, were the pitiful warlord pets of Jews, Europeans, and Asians — and rarely saw further than a few inches past their nose; and most of what they saw, they sought to feast upon frantically, or to worship fearfully, or to hack to death with a machete — actual or quasi-political.

The best Indians were exceptional among the rest: as hypocritical as the best Jews, as atrophied as the best Asians, as ugly as the best Africans, and as soulless as the best Europeans.

And the best Europeans coordinated it all. Thus they kept for themselves the biggest, fanciest crumbs — and feigned endlessly a silly feeling of pale superiority, as they aged extremely fast physically, while remaining mental and moral infants for the entirety of their sad, sick lives.

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