Breast Cancer as Karma for Child-Murderers and Neglectful Moms

“Abortion is healthcare” —Pro-murder maniacs.

“Her body, her choice” —Pro-death politicians.


“If you murder your child, or follow your misandry into childlessness, or deprive your child of natural food (breastfeeding), or selfishly set aside motherhood until you are old, or have few children — then your breasts are much more likely to rot off, and kill you in the process” —Biology, as reflected in the National Cancer Institute’s 2016 Fact Sheet of Reproductive History and Cancer Risk.

“Blessed are the women who do not murder their children, for they shall inherit the earth” —Obvious Reality.

If something is

If something is “empowering” and “healthcare” and “a human right” — then seeing its consequences will be satisfying

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